Castel MPIP-618W

Castel MPIP-618W
Manufacturer: Castel Group
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Number of units

Features Castel MPIP-618W:
  • Blackbox
  • Built-in odometer
Supported in Wialon:
  • ADC sensors
  • Digital sensors
  • Remote management via SMS
  • Communication via TCP

The following data should also be added to Castel MPIP-618W unit properties section of Wialon GPS tracking software:

Device type: Castel MPIP-618W
Unique ID: serial

Specify the following parameters in configuration software or configuration Castel MPIP-618W for use in Wialon Hosting:

Server port: 20625

2 units of Castel MPIP-618W device type are connected to Wialon Data Center. This represents 0% of all AVL Hardware connected.

Below chart represents the dynamic of connections in the last 30 days:

Parameter name Description Units
vst1 Car terminal status information:
Bit7 - idle engine alarm
Bit6 - SOS alarm
Bit5 - theft
Bit4 - door open alarm
Bit3 - door close alarm
Bit2 - ACC off status
Bit1 - Alarming status
Bit0 - door open status
vst2 Car terminal status information:
Bit7 - High water temperature alarm
Bit6 - Speeding alarm
Bit5 - high RPM alarm
Bit4 - ACC alarm
Bit3 - ACC on alarm
Bit2 - fatigue driving alarm
Bit1 - Termperture alarm
Bit0 - GPS failure alarm
vst3 Car terminal status information:
Bit7 - abnormity oil alarm
Bit6 - Acceleration alarm
Bit5 - Deceleration alarm
Bit4 - Rapid lane change alarm
Bit3 - Sharp turn alarm
Bit2 - low voltage alarm
Bit1 - Reserved
Bit0 - Power failure alarm
vst4 Car terminal status information:
Bit7 - Crash alarm
Bit6 - abnormity move alarm
Bit5 - Geo-fence out alarm
Bit4 - towing alarm
Bit3 - Geo-fence in alarm
Bit2 - Geo-fence in/out alarm
Bit1 - Reserved
Bit0 - Cut off power/oil
ast1 Car terminal shake hands status information:
Bit7 - 2 way temperature sensor connect status
Bit6 - Oil sensor connect status
Bit5 - "DBA connect status "
Bit4 - GPS( monitor) connect status
Bit3 - LCD connect status
Bit2 - One way temperature sensor connect status
Bit1 - 1 way camera connect status
Bit0 - Handset connect status
ast2 Car terminal shake hands status information:
Bit7 - Reserved
Bit6 - Reserved
Bit5 - OBD connect status
Bit4 - 4 ways camera connect status
Bit3 - 3 ways camera connect status
Bit2 - 2 ways camera connect status
Bit1 - Reserved
Bit0 - G-Mouse connect status
ast2, ast3 Car terminal shake hands status information:
0-7 Bits - Reserved
gps_fix Position: 0 - unpositioning, 1 - 2D position, 3 - 3D position
mileage Total mileage meter
total_fuel Terminal total fuel consumption after power on. litre
temp1, temp2 Temperature sensor C
leave_fuel Remain fuel value.
Connect with Fuel sensor, This word means remanent, fuel value percent, unit:1!
Connect with OBD moduel,this word means remanent fuel value volume, unit:pint,
Connect Fuel sensor and OBD moduel in same time, the device will upload fuel sensor fuel value remanent.

voltage Voltage V
engine_coolant_temp Engine coolant temperature. C
engine_rpm Engine speed.
vspeed Vehicle Speed
rfid RFID number

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