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The following data should also be added to Avtograph unit properties section of Wialon GPS tracking software:

Device type: Avtograph
Unique ID: serial

Specify the following parameters in configuration software or configuration Avtograph for use in Wialon Hosting:

Server IP Address:
Server port: 20132
Parameter name Description Units
ainN Analog inputs, where N - number of inputs V
air_pressure Air pressure kPa
air_temp Air temperature °C
amber_warning_lamp_status Amber warning lamp status (On, Off)
battery Battery voltage V
charge_air_pressure Charge air pressure kPa
charge_air_temp Charge air temperature from CAN-bus °C
choker_pos Charge air pressure from CAN-bus kPa
coolant_temp Coolant temperature °C
counterN Counter state, where N - number of counter
cpu_load CPU usage %
cruise_control_speed Cruise control speed km/h
cruise_control_state Cruise control state
dinN Digital inputs
engine_hours Engine Hours h
engine_oil_pressure Engine oil pressure from CAN-bus kPa
engine_oil_temp Engine oil temperature from CAN-bus °C
engine_rpm Engine RPM rpm
engine_torque_mode Engine torque mode
error_status Error status (1, 0)
flash_lamp_status Flash lamp status
fmi Failure Mode Identifier
fuel_consumption Fuel consumption L
fuel_flow_sensor_can_adress Fuel flow sensor can adress from RS485
fuel_flow_sensor_channel Fuel flow sensor channel from RS485
fuel_flow Total fuel flow L
fuel Fuel level from LLS 1 sensor L
fuel_level Fuel level %
fuel_levelN Fuel level from CAN bus, where N - number of sensor %
fuel_temp Fuel temperature °C
gpsant GPS antenna state
hdop HDOP (Horizontal Dilution Of Precision)
idle_trottle_mode Idle trottle mode
incoming_passengers Incoming passengers from RS485 person
inputs_expander_status Inputs expander status
instant_fuel_consumption Instant fuel consumption L
kickdown_trottle_mode Kickdown trottle mode
llsN LLS sensor value, where N - number of sensor
malfunction_indicator_lamp_status Malfunction indicator lamp status (On, Off)
manometr_pressure Gauge pressure from CAN-bus kPa
mileage_day Day mileage km
mileage Mileage km
mileage_mtn Mileage till next maintenance km
navigation_device Navigation data source (Internal, External)
navigation_system Navigation data source (GPS, Glonass or GPS+Glonass)
negative_inputs_status Negative inputs state
nominal_friction_torque Nominal friction torque %
occurence_count Occurence count
oil_temp Engine oil temperature °C
operating_torque Operating torque %
outgoing_passengers Outgoing passengers from RS485 person
passenger_flow_channel Passenger flow channel from RS485
passenger_flow_mode Passenger flow mode from RS485
passenger_flow_status Passenger flow status from RS485
positive_inputs_status Positive inputs state from RS485
prev_instant_fuel_consumption Previous instant fuel consumption L
protect_lamp_status Protect lamp status (On, Off)
PTO_state PTO state
pwr_ext External power V
pwr_int Internal power V
red_stop_lamp_status Red stop lamp status (On, Off)
refueling_amount Refueling amount from RS485 L
refueling_card_id Refueling card ID from RS485
refueling_time Refueling time from RS485 s
spn_conv_method Spn Conversion method
spn Suspect Parameter Number
tempN Temperature sensors value, where N - number of sensor °C
user_record User record from CAN-bus
weight_measurement_channel Weight measurement channel from RS485
weight_measurement_mode Weight measurement mode from RS485
weight_measurement_status Weight measurement status from RS485
weight Weight from RS485 kg
wheel_loadN Wheel load, where N - number of wheel kg
wheel_speed Wheel speed km/h

You can also download an example of object configuration file for Avtograph to be used in Wialon GPS tracking software. When creating an object, import this configuration file by selecting "Import from File" option. This way you will create a pre-configured object with some sensors. Do not forget to specify the unique Id of Your device.