Fleet management solution for postal service

IoT project of the year 2021

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Correos is a major Spanish service provider that covers correspondence and parcels deliveries nationwide and internationally. Due to its size and the leading role on the market, the company works with numerous users, a large fleet, frequent force majeure events, and so on.

Correos wanted to better handle regular documentation, manage alarms and improve parcel tracking and track a list of other important business and delivery operations. The solution would integrate with a variety of internal and external systems.


Inetum is a French IT and telematics service provider that has offered a long-term plan of Wialon-based fleet management solution development. The plan covers the years 2020-2023.

The final aim is to achieve 100% integration between the Inetum product environment and the GPS monitoring platform. In this shared environment, Correos will be able to choose and customize features according to the business needs.

Inetum is designing modules built on top of Wialon’s features and aimed to extend its capabilities:

  • integration with the incident response system;
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) application;
  • integration with information exploitation systems.
  • advanced reports;
  • custom alarms;
  • dashboard.

So far, Inetum has finished work on the VAYA module. It provides accreditation to drivers working on intercity delivery routes and contains their personal data and schedules. 

The module is developed with Remote API on Azure virtual machine, using Angular and ASP.Net Core.

During the solution implementation, Inetum uses a wide range of telematics devices: Wonde Proud VT-360, VT-10, and M7, as well as Teltonika FMB640 trackers, gate opening sensors, and panic buttons. 


The project is still under development, and its final release is planned for 2023. Now the telematics service provider is working on the resting parts of the solution: dashboard, advanced reports, alarm modules, the SSO integration, and connection to the Correos response and exploitation system. However, the work done so far is already affecting the company’s operations in a good way.

600 vehicles connected

The client is planning to reach 700 by the end of the project implementation. The client can track the operations of an entire fleet in a single system.

Better managed intercity parcel delivery

Achieved thanks to the VAYA module integration.


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Country: Spain
IoT project of the year nomination: Local deliveries
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