Back to school: where to learn more about Wialon?

9 September, 2019
Anastasiya Eroho
Обучение Wialon

In many countries, the beginning of September is the time when students usually start their year. For example, in most of the CIS countries, the 1st of September is the Knowledge Day. To honor this holiday, we've prepared a list of resources to improve your Wialon knowledge. 

Step 1. Watch the webinars

We have been making webinars in English for a year now, breaking down the most relevant and vital questions on Wialon: Eco Driving and working with drivers, the Passenger module, fuel consumption calculations, and more. Visit the webinars section to find the answers for important questions, download the presentations and subscribe to the future webinars in order not to miss the upcoming updates.

Oleg Zharkovsky, Wialon Trainers Team Lead, tells about fuel control in Wialon

Step 2. Take part in Gurtam meetups

Oddly enough, the coronavirus pandemic turned out to be the reason for creating such a great educational format for the partner community as Gurtam online meetups. If we can't meet in person, we will meet online! Within the meetups, we discuss the burning issues of the telematics market and master Wialon together with other products by Gurtam. Find the records of all the meetups on our YouTube channel.

Step 3. Watch presentations from Gurtam product managers

Who can tell you the most about a solution? Of course, the person who created it. Here, Gurtam Product Managers take the stage: they watch the market and track its requirements, talk to partners and collect feedback from businesses, and all this to understand where to grow Gurtam products further.

Hecterra, a new app for agribusiness, is presented by Yuliya Hrachova, Wialon Trainer

You can meet Gurtam product managers in person at our conferences (by the way, registration for Telematics Dubai on October, 5, and Telematics Los Angeles on October 20, is open right now), or watch the streams of their presentations (live or recorded). Also, they're very active on the Gurtam forum (more on that below).

Additionally, on our YouTube channel, we gathered all the Gurtam project managers' presentations from TelematiX, the anniversary partner conference that we held in 2019. Have a look when you get a chance.

Step 4. Follow the updates

Step 1. Watch the webinars

Fundamental knowledge is a must, but what about the latest news? To stay on top of each and every change of Wialon and other Gurtam products, we recommend subscribing to the forum topics. Each product manager publishes the release notes there monthly.

Another nice way to receive the product updates monthly is to subscribe to our monthly news digest, where there's a separate section about Gurtam products.

Are you using Telegram? If yes, subscribe to our product updates channel.

And last but not least: we publish the collection of the most important updates on Gurtam blog.

Step 5. Enroll in an online course and get a consultation

At you can enroll in a real training course with theory and practical tasks. You can participate online at your own pace. Once you're confident in your Wialon knowledge, you can proceed to certification.

Have more questions about training? Contact the wialon Trainers team to get an online consultation on a topic you're interested in. Drop an email at or leave a request.

Step 6. Dig through the documentation

The old good documentation page has received a new design recently, and now it's easier to navigate through the docs for multiple apps. We recommend reading Quick Start first, which is a shorter and easier version of the full user guide section.

By the way, the documentation is available for download as pdf files, which can be later edited, shared, or printed for your convenience.

Bonus. Learn from experience

A hard drill makes an easy battle, they say. Especially if the battle was won by other members of the Gurtam partner community. To apply their experience to your projects, make sure to check the detailed stories of Wialon integrations in various fields, from monitoring elevator workers in Serbia to gasoline tracks control in Egypt on the Gurtam blog and in Use cases library.

Anastasiya Eroho
Anastasiya Eroho
Anastasiya is the Head of the Marketing Department at Gurtam. Her 8 years of experience in marketing and communications, content, user acquisition, and market research allow her to grow complex technical B2B products through building professional communities.


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