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Wialon – the platform for GPS tracking and IoT

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  • Hardware-agnostic product
  • Platform for developers
  • Applications
  • Accessibility
  • Unique selling points
  • Technical assistance
  • Hardware-agnostic product

    The system works with 1,600 types of devices. In most cases, Gurtam partner decides if new hardware should be installed or they can work with those already installed.  

    Wialon supports specific hardware for vehicles, machinery, stationary assets, people so that you could find a proper device for any project. While additional equipment reads temperature, weight, angle, dozens of other monitoring parameters for multi-faceted analytics.

    Check if your client’s hardware is compatible with Wialon.

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    Platform for developers

    You can easily integrate Wialon with other systems and become a basis for partner solutions. We wired the system with special tools to make the development process fast and easy.

    Simple SDK – a software development kit to create Wialon-based solutions. 

    Open API – a tool to integrate Wialon with ERP and other third-party systems.

    Partner solutions


    Wialon satisfies customer needs 99%. The left out 1% is specific to each separate business. That’s why we add 20 business-specific apps to Wialon product line to make the complete solution truly universal. 

    Wialon comes with the solution for scheduled transportation management, delivery monitoring service, maintenance management app, driver behavior monitoring module, and much more. 

    Get all-in-one


    Your clients access the system from anywhere.

    The operating system doesn’t matter: whether you use MacOS, Linux or Windows, launch a browser to start tracking.  

    Use your smart devices: we offer a native mobile app to start tracking on a smartphone or tablet.   

    Track events by SMS and email: notification describe in details what’s happening with your assets.

    Go mobile

    Unique selling points

    Gurtam offers partners the proprietary fuel consumption calculation algorithm. If you know rates, you can show clients the actual fuel spent under various circumstances determined by math. Moreover, you can create virtual FLS being as much precise as the physical one.  

    Plus, as a service provider, you extend the commercial offer by 20 GIS sources, WiaTag tracker application, and report wizard to combine 180 tables and charts for maximum precise analytics. 

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    Technical assistance

    Available 24/7Covering every region and time zone and addressing partners in English, Spanish, and Russian. 

    Training and certification. Guiding your insight into the system and certifying your specialists as Wialon managers. 

    White labeling. Assisting in Wialon configuration and personalizing interface according to your brand book. 

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    Respond to any events split second

    Calculate fuel consumption within maximum accuracy

    Reduce mileage and time to destination  

    Optimize working hours instead of expanding the team

    Analyze more data than a tracker, or CAN bus can give

    Trace assets and events within the specified area

    Prevent accidents and heavy wear of the machinery

    See the road and the driver with your own eyes

    Online tracking
    Fuel control
    Route optimization
    Workforce management
    Sensor data reading
    Geofence control
    Driver behavior monitoring
    Video telematics

    New Wialon Local 1904

    is out now

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    1,600+ devices are currently compatible with Wialon

    Check your hardware compatibility
    Learn more about Wialon app for iOS and Android
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