MyMove enables your organization to share a multimodal fleet of vehicles.

MyMove aims to provide an alternative corporate mobility solution that is both cheaper and greener, while offering your employees all the flexibility they deserve. Let them choose for every trip they do the most appropriate vehicle amongst cars, bikes, public transport and other solutions every day, according to their needs – with zero hassle for them or the company. May they be moving for business or private reasons, for short or long trips, inside or outside of the city, the MyMove fleet will be the relevant flexible solution to handle all usage scenarios.

We provide all the technology to have your fleet connected and therefore shared: in-car keyless technology, mobile app for the end-user (white label optional), a dashboard for the fleet manager, and the possibility to integrate with your current systems.

We are the missing link between the fleet management software and the car-sharing hardware. Although based in Belgium, we operate in three continents already and can cater to all your projects, wherever you’re based.


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