ECCOCAR Sharing, S.L.

Digital, sustainable and efficient.
Our offer focuses on a white label application through which your customers can: reserve vehicles, access them, and pay for the service, without queues, without keys in the case of connected vehicles; and in an administration panel for the administrators of these vehicles or fleets that facilitates the process of monitoring reservations, users, billing,
Eccocar provides the technology for car rental agencies, companies, dealers and Urban mobility operators launch their shared mobility projects and help reach the destination of a more sustainable world.
Within these opportunities, we offer two very intuitive modalities that adapt to each client’s needs: one designed for short journeys, only one way, where the vehicles are within the radius of a geofence, and another for long trips, in which the client will have the vehicle for several days.

  • Rentals. An initiative to digitize the traditional rental car option and adapt it to new times.
  • Urban. A versatile option for the city, looking for sustainable mobility with options such as a car, motorcycle, bikes, or electric scooters.
  • Dealers. Shared mobility solutions for dealerships where we seek maximum cost savings.
  • Fleet. A new way of understanding and making efficient company mobility in urban environments.

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