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History of Gurtam company

The company was founded in 2002. At that time, the Gurtam team started to take the first steps in creating software for GPS monitoring. Since then, such telematics solutions as flespi and GPS-Trace have appeared under the developer's belt. And the company's flagship product, the IoT platform Wialon, has deservedly taken its place among the industry’s world leaders.

2022 December

LeaseControl release

Gurtam releases a new web application for vehicle location tracking and recovery. It helps to secure high-risk car leasing deals using GPS tracking tools. Now your clients can track, locate, and switch-off vehicles easily.

2021 September

3 million vehicles on Wialon

A new record was set! Wialon became the world's first GPS tracking platform with three million connected vehicles. This achievement was the result of the long-term hard work not only of the team behind the product but also of the entire Wialon community.

2021 April

Gurtam joins the board of the IoT M2M Council

Gurtam has become part of the world-renowned IoT community, the M2M IoT Council. The Head of Wialon, Aliaksandr Kuushynau, joined the organization's board. Apart from Wialon, the list of board members includes representatives of Microsoft Azure, Vodafone, BICS, Quectel Wireless Solutions, etc.

2021 April

Gurtam launches a new office in Vilnius

As Europe is one of the key markets for Gurtam, we opened a new office in Vilnius, Lithuania, to ensure even more fruitful cooperation with the European partner community.

2020 July-August

Online award ceremonies of the Gurtam ratings winners

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we couldn’t risk the health of the members of the Wialon community. Thus, for the first time ever, the Wialon TOP 50 Global and GPS Hardware Manufacturers TOP 10 award ceremonies were held online.

2020 June

IoT project of the year

We established the first global annual competition of the IoT projects focused on telematics solutions.\nNot only the Wialon partners but also other telematics service providers can take part in the competition.

2020 April

Distance Tag app release

We released the new Wialon-based app for monitoring the peoples’ location within the specific territory if there are any movement restrictions. The solution can be used to monitor patients, employees, senior citizens, children, etc.

2020 April

Interactive map to monitor commercial vehicles’ mileage across countries

We developed an interactive map for monitoring the changes in the commercial vehicles’ mileage caused by the coronavirus. The map allows assessing the effect of COVID-19 on the transportation industry in different countries of the world.

2020 March

Gurtam meetups

We launched Gurtam meetups, the new format of communication with the Wialon community. It is the online platform where partners and Gurtam experts discuss the burning issues of the telematics market.

2019 July

Release of redesigned GPS-Trace

Now the solution for personal monitoring by Gurtam has full-fledged mobile clients with push notifications for iOS and Android, adaptive web-interface, MQTT-based API as well as a new website.

2019 July

TelematiX, the 10th anniversary partner conference

New workshop and training session topics, panel discussions, presentations by top experts in GPS monitoring sphere, the latest developments, and success stories from our partners as well as over 500 participants from around the world – all that is TelematiX.

2019 May

Hecterra release

Gurtam releases the new product for agribusinesses. It provides access to data on fields and seeds, counts cultivation area, and controls drivers and machinery. Developers can use Hecterra when creating their own agricultural solutions.

2019 May

2 “lemons” on Wialon!

The 2,000,000th unit is connected to Wialon! It took Gurtam partner community a little over two years to beat the previous record for the number of connected units. We are strong together!

2018 November

Fleetrun release

A new web-application designed for fleet maintenance control. Now you can plan and manage your fleet maintenance in no time and without any paperwork.

2018 September

Gurtam megabooths in Los Angeles and Dubai

The booths’ size is 220 m², the participants are 10 leading players of the regional telematics market – from hardware manufacturers to Wialon-based solutions developers.

2018 September

Establishment of the data center in the USA

A new data center in the US guarantees the stable operation of Gurtam cloud-based solutions for our overseas partners even under the extreme load.

2018 April

The first megabooth in Moscow

Gurtam participates in Navitech expo for the 10th time and gathers 16 technology partners – integrators, hardware manufacturers, and software developers – at a single booth. Technology partners still have a chance to exhibit with Gurtam in Los Angeles and Dubai.

2018 April

1,500,000 assets connected to Wialon

Gurtam reaches the milestone meaning that for the past 9 years the system became 170 times bigger.

2018 April

Heading for Asia. The first exhibition

Gurtam participates in Global Sources Consumer Electronics in Hong Kong – the world’s largest electronics trade fair.

2017 November

Gurtam turns 15

The anniversary is a new milestone on the path from a small family business to the world leader in the area of GPS tracking and fleet management. We still pursue innovations and change the world, for the company to grow and thrive in another 15 years.

2017 September

NimBus release

The new solution by Gurtam for public transportation control will help to plan routes, manage schedules, distribute vehicles across the rides, track route performance in real time, and get reports on the fleet performance.

2017 September

Gurtam training portal

The educational portal contains a variety of courses, a media library, and certification tests for you to learn all about Wialon faster, assess your knowledge of the system, and get expert feedback on the directions for improvement.

2017 June


The release of a handy Wialon-based chat to exchange messages, files, photos, and coordinates. The new service comprises a web-version for dispatchers and a mobile app for drivers.

2017 May

Wialon Local 1704

The new version of our server-based solution comprises all the novelties in Wialon Hosting for 2016: updated reports, notifications, monitoring panel, Eco Driving, and our business-specific solutions, including Logistics service, “Passengers” module, and much more.

2017 March

flespi release

After 13 years of satellite tracking software development Gurtam creates flespi platform – a PaaS backend providing unified interaction between telematics devices and any type of business software. The platform features maximum flexibility, speed, and adaptability which again makes solutions by Gurtam ahead of their time.

2016 December

New office in Buenos Aires

Gurtam officially launched the new office location in Buenos Aires, Argentina to further support Wialon growth in Latin American countries.

2016 November

Wialon hits million

The Wialon system has got its 1 000 000th unit connected! It took Gurtam 6 years to multiply the total number of units a hundredfold. This all-time milestone proves Wialon is efficient, reliable and applicable in different business domains.

2016 October

Wialon in TOP-5

According to Capterra, Wialon ranks the 4th among the most popular fleet management systems in the world.

2016 August

500 000 units

A final countdown to half a million monitoring units in Wialon Hosting is over, with 500 000th unit registered just recently. This is a new milestone for the company, the product and the team focused on the common goal.

2016 April

Wialon Local 1604

Annual Wialon Local service global update. The new 1604 version comprised the improved CMS Manager, embedded reports grouping and sort options, fuel thefts and fuel filling notifications, etc.

2016 March


Release of Logistics order management service which is designed to control all stages of delivery and field services operations. Logistics comprises web-version for dispatchers and mobile application for drivers.

2016 February

New office in Dubai

After reaching the milestone of 100 countries Gurtam aimed at the Middle East. To strengthen its positions in the rapidly developing region the decision was made to open a new office in Dubai.

2016 January


WiaTag app release – the ultimate software GPS tracker serving for efficient workforce management and personal tracking.

2015 July

100 countries

Gurtam solutions are used in 100 countries globally. Bosnia and Herzegovina became the milestone for Gurtam geographical expansion.

2015 April

Wialon Local 1504

Wialon Local service global update with a number of new functions added, alongside with comprehensive tachograph support, Eco Driving module and etc.

2015 March

Wialon App

For customer convenience new functional Wialon app was introduced for Android and iOS users.

2015 February

400 000 units

400 000 units worldwide are serviced by Wialon server center.

2014 June

Wialon Local

Wialon Local was announced: the advanced server-based solution combining the advantages of cloud product and hosting on client’s server.

2013 October

First time at GITEX

For the first time Gurtam participates in GITEX international information and telecommunication technologies exhibition in Dubai. In the following years our participation became a tradition and allowed us to strengthen positions in the MEA region.

2013 July

Boston office

Boston office foundation to enter the New World. Gurtam team specialists in the region boosted Wialon presence in the markets of both the American continents.

2013 January


“Apps” tool appeared in Wialon, providing clients with the opportunity to use free Gurtam apps as well as implement their own features developed on the basis of SDK and add them to Wialon as additional applications.

2012 July

100 000 units

The number of units in Wialon server center reached 100 000.

2012 April

Gurtam Maps

Gurtam Maps release – a native GIS service developed by reference to Wialon-specific features.

2012 January

Wialon Kit

Wialon Kit fleet platform release, a satellite monitoring solution comprising custom web-application with open source, allowing system improvement by means of special tools.

2012 January


The release of GPS Tag application, allowing to use a smartphone as a GPS-tracking device.

2012 January

Wialon SDK

SDK tool was introduced. Special Development Kit allows developers to use Remote API and Java Script API to create custom written applications, based on Wialon platform, to extend system capabilities and integrate Wialon with third-party applications.

2011 August

50 countries

Gurtam partners operate in 50 countries worldwide. Georgia has become the 50th!

2010 November

Telematics 2010

The first partner conference was held in Minsk. Subsequently the event has become a tradition and since then the conference is arranged annually.

2010 April

First time at CeBIT

For the first time Gurtam has been represented internationally through participation in CeBIT IT expo in Hannover, Germany, being the largest in Europe. Subsequently Gurtam has become a regular participant of the event.

2010 January

Wialon Pro 1001

ActiveX and Drivers modules release. New types of GPS equipment integrated with the system. More than 90 devices available.

2009 June

First time at Navitech Expo

For the first time Gurtam presented proprietary developments at the international Navitech Expo in Moscow. Since than the company became its permanent participant.

2009 January

Wialon Hosting

The release of cloud-based Wialon Hosting. The first version of Wialon GPS-tracking system was made available in SaaS-mode and administered from Wialon Data Center.

2007 November

Wialon B3

Closed source code. Increased database operation and maps management speed. Highly efficient digital and analogue sensors support.

2007 September

GPS-Trace release

GPS-Trace was released as a non-commercial tracking service. Today the system allows to connect 5 units, including one vehicle. Today GPS-Trace is used in 159 countries worldwide.

2007 March

Wialon B2

System access via web-browser. Unit groups and geofences, ActiveX technology support, billing system, and an option to utilize GSM-modem were implemented.

2006 September

Wialon Beta 1

The system possessed an open code. Basic system components appeared: monitoring, reports, notifications and Google Maps support.



GPSDisp development and occasional sales. Only 8 copies of the proprietary Windows-based local software for dispatchers were sold.

2004 May

AtlantSatellite Net

System was distributed on a free of charge basis. Active integration with new types of GPS equipment.


Path to the Idea

At first the company was mainly engaged in outsourcing projects barely connected with satellite tracking. But over time we focused on the area, with Atlant Satellite project being a test of pen. The development of vehicle satellite tracking software united AtlantMotors, a Volkswagen dealer in Minsk, and BelRadioPage beeper company.