Hecterra – a solution for agribusiness


This is a simple yet effective application for the agro-industry, which allows controlling field works based on telematics data.

The solution delivers transparent data about fields, crops, and field operations to the employees and managers of agricultural enterprises. Having the exact information about who, when, and how was сultivating the crops, the clients can effectively plan and improve the agribusiness processes.

Why Hecterra?

Special vehicles control

The clients get clear data about the quality and volume of the field operations, as well as about the actions of the agricultural vehicles and vehicle operators.

Reliable data

Hecterra calculates the field cultivations of complex shapes, taking in omissions, overlaps, and uncultivated areas inside the fields.

Automated calculations

The application calculates the cultivated field areas, fuel consumption, mileage, speed, and other parameters, saving employees’ time.

API integration

Transfer data from Hecterra and employ it in any accounting systems using API.

How it works

1 Import geofences as fields; set up trailers, drivers, and units in Wialon for further usage in Hecterra
2 Fill in the crops, operations, and crops rotation catalogs
3 Approve or decline the detected field cultivations
4 Generate and export reports on field operations

Hecterra features


Hecterra – new solution for agriculture sector

Topics to be discussed:

  • The abilities of the new application
  • Getting ready to work with the application
  • Working with the cultivations in Hecterra

Date: June 5 2019
Author: Yuliya Hrachova, Wialon Trainer
Length: 60 minutes

Details of the new solution for agribusinesses are already on the blog
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