A solution for fleet maintenance planning and control

Web-application for vehicles maintenance planning, control, and expenditure recording. We developed Fleetrun for those who want to reduce fleet operation costs, avoid critical breakdowns, and reduce the time spent at the service station. With this application, you can control all kinds of services and expenditures for individual spare parts, vehicles, and even kilometer performance. Fleetrun will show the services that the fleet needs, their intervals and cost.

How the fleet maintenance management system works

Create a list of units
Specify service interval
Add services: works and spare parts
Analyze the maintenance process with the help of reports and notifications

Functionality of the vehicle maintenance software

List of units

Access to data on mileage, engine hours, services, and advanced information on each unit.


Automated service creation by time, mileage, and engine hours for the specified units.


Registration of works in the system: types, durations, spare parts, prices, and results.


Analysis of the performed services by fleets, units, and intervals.

Fleetrun webinar

Fleetrun - solution for maintenance management

Within the webinar, we will elaborate on the main abilities of the current application and their application, besides we will provide you with the information on the functionality that appeared in the application after the official release.

Recorded: April 24, 2019
Author: Yuliya Hrachova, Wialon Trainer
Length: 38 minutes


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