Wialon Hosting 0716 Update

26 July, 2016
Kirill Yakynin

This month Gurtam team has shown absolute commitment to Wialon monthly update and planned its release such way to let you hang out during the most famous holidays of July. Hope you had much fun on World UFO Day, Tapioca Pudding Day, Teddy Bear Picnic Day and Barbershop Music Appreciation Day! After all those breathtaking events and a bunch of impressions it's time to relax and hear some news on what's new in Wialon Hosting 0716.


“Sensor tracing” table allows you to set both “Each sensor in separate column” and “Skip invalid values” active at once. If the options are active and all sensors are sending invalid values - the line in the table just won’t be displayed and the rest of invalid values will be presented as dashes. With less irrelevant info on display you no more spend extra time on data handling.

 sensor tracing

Events and violations reports were supplemented with a new “Driver” column. Moreover, the report template now contains a special filter and driver/driver group masks allowing to create a report on events/violation only for certain drivers, driver groups or vehicles without drivers. The above allows you to know for sure who was behind the wheel at the moment of an event/violation. That way you can contact the driver as soon as possible to prevent repeated cases.   

Eco Driving

This time we finally got round Eco Driving module, being one of the most important in Wialon system. In July the users got an opportunity of more detailed configuration while working with “Custom” violation criteria. Thus, if sensor value variations are set as violation criteria and “Skip missing values” flag is active in Eco Driving tab, the duration of a violation is calculated between the time of sensor activation and deactivation. For instance, if you have a digital sensor sending a single message whenever its status is changed, just make the flag active not to detect violations by one message. The function ensures more effective driver behavior monitoring using various types of sensors.

 eco driving

Sensor properties view/export

Just imagine you’ve spent a dozen of hours on sensor calibration. That way the configuration can be rightfully considered to be your intellectual property, which is subject to protection. Even if “Sensors” service is deactivated, export function allowed for quick access to sensor properties. To protect valuable information we implemented test for the availability of “Sensors” service. If the service is disabled you won’t be allowed to export the sensor and, consequently, view its properties.  

Maps management  

It’s now more convenient to work with the maps due to new control elements. Visible layers panel enables quick activation/deactivation of system elements display on the map. Thereby, you spend no more time on switching between tabs by mistake. We also placed here unit management buttons from the lower panel, including show/hide unit trace, name and movement direction. Below you can now see maps menu brought from somewhere lower-right to your fingertips. Thanks to the novelties all maps management tools are located in one place.


Geofence export/import  

We also modified geofence and groups of geofences export/import dialogs via KML/KMZ-files by adding filtration opportunities: by name, properties, resource by analogy with geofence panel. Moreover we ensured more convenient geofence listing (two columns) and checkboxes to choose certain geofences/geofence groups - all you need for simpler export/import.

Search and filtration 

We are glad to hear the success stories of our partners around the world and are aimed to simplify system management for the ones intensively growing. Those having hundreds and thousands units in possession will enjoy search in drop-down lists in “Tracks”, “Messages” and “Reports” panels. The search by symbol combination may be performed both in the beginning and in any part of the element name (if “*” is used).

 search and filtration-min

Other novelties

CMS Manager pages can now be presented in .xlsx format. The option is available for accounts, users, units and unit groups. With the .xlsx file on your laptop, service structure is always at hand to review, comment and amend. 

The hierarchical structure of Wialon allows to access the system under any subsidiary user and switch between users in the system interface. To save time on multiple data loading we implemented login as another user in a separate tab at a click on the corresponding icon when selecting the user. Thus, top account data is always at hand no matter how many times you switch between the users.


The community has already got familiar with the new charts implemented in the developers thread. We are glad to announce that the advanced charts are now available for all users of Wialon Hosting 0716. Find out more about new charts capabilities in our blog and get all the necessary information in the most convenient way. 

Summer holidays are not over yet. President's Joke Day and Bad Poetry Day still pending your attention in August, along with Wialon Hosting 0816!

Kirill Yakynin
Kirill Yakynin
Kirill is the Brand Manager at Gurtam. He maintains brand integrity across all the company’s marketing initiatives and communications and ensures that Gurtam products resonate with current and potential customers.


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