Wialon has conquered its 100th geography

7 July, 2015
Anna Glonassova

Several years ago we celebrated the anniversary on adding the 50th country to our Wialon-driven community, thus signifying the adherence of GeoGPS from Georgia (former “United Security”), a now prominent integrator with his own Wialon-based applications and a myriad of expansion prospects on agenda. Besides, 2 years ago GeoGPS was the official host of the Gurtam partner conference in Georgia, which marked the business success they have achieved with us. Today the occasion has grown in grandeur, bringing us the 100th country with 2 FMS players at the same time. Not without reason has Bosnia and Herzegovina with its contrasting political background become the right place to grow the Wialon-based telemetry by 2 different businesses. 

Comprising of two autonomous entities: the prevalently Muslim Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Republika Srpska, the Christian part of the state - the country has become the benevolent ground to plant Wialon, with both our partners finding their ways to do it.

IMPERIUM: a new partner in a new country

Our new partner – the Imperium company is of great influence in the region in terms of security and telecommunications networks, sticking with DSC, Garrett, Panasonic, Cisco players in other M2M-domains. Now that Imperium has decided to add GPS tracking to the product portfolio, Wialon has all the chances to fill the important fleet management niche among the current solutions and the widely-developed network of Imperium customers. Ibrahim Sehanovich, the company CEO was very enthuaisatic about the new prospects saying that “certain market demands were waiting to be filled by a strong and reliable platform like Wialon. Imperium is happy to be backed by Gurtam in offering the Bosnian market new tools to manage their fleet efficiencies”.

Monitoring NET: new trends

Another player in Bosnia is our long-standing partner Monitoring NET from Serbia, who opened up his new office in Bosnis thus spreading its geography further to the South-East Europe with countries like Croatia and Montenegro yet on the agenda. Milan Suletic has recently paid an official visit to our Minsk Office, talking about his ambition for further development: “Over the last couple of years we have grown from a small player into a decent company with multiple projects in state and private Sectors. We've seen the Wialon potential uncovered virtually in every possible domain, and this grew and nurtured our confidence in choices made right”. Concerning conquests and expansions, which most of our partners are looking at, Gurtam has chosen the Pirate theme for its recent corporate party, where the peaceful takeovers shall definitely be negotiated. For now we’re taking over the 100th country and giving the Wialon in the right hands of our 2 trusted partners.

Anna Glonassova
Anna Glonassova
Anna is the jack-of-all-trades in the Gurtam marketing team. She is involved in all activities, from communicating with Wialon partners on social media to streaming live community events.