Top new Wialon Beta features from April

29 April, 2017
Anna Glonassova

Welcome to Wialon Beta! Before we get to the list of our new developments, first let us answer 3 questions for those who have not yet made the Beta version their favourite:

Q: How stable is it?

A: As stable as the main release, with the guaranteed uptime of 99,5%. The naming of the branches - “Beta” and “Stable” - should by no means mislead you: the only distinction between them is a set of new features to be released in the “Stable” version in a matter of weeks.

The active protagonists of Beta are the first to get the taste of the new functionality, therefore have more time to suggest enhancements to the features they tried out.

Q: Why would I try this out beforehand?

A: Getting all the updates a few weeks in advance will give you the chance to both try out and get used to them in good time. You will also have a head start to prepare articles/notifications/FAQ on the new features for your own customers long before the Wialon Hosting monthly update rolls out. If you’re interested in being among the first to experience the new features of Wialon, settings, and UI-updates, then you should definitely check out Beta. 

Q: Can I go back to using “Stable” branch?

A: Yes, with the condition that the option is enabled ( can be activated in the DNS settings in CMS manager), you can switch between Beta and Stable at any given time.

And now, to the Top-5(ish) list of Wialon Beta updates in April:

1. Math Consumption Wizard (fuel consumption calculation master)

This feature will be particularly appreciated by those, who’ve been looking forward to “consumption math”- and “consumption by rates”-settings alternative since the previous Wialon Hosting update.

To get to the new Wizard, go to “Unit properties” → “Sensors” →”Math consumption wizard (master)”:

 1. Math Consumption Wizard (fuel consumption calculation master)

You can either fill the necessary fields manually, or create sensors in one click based on previous data saved in the system. To do that, check the “Create previous version-based sensors” box (it will appear if some configured before flags of calculating fuel have been found):

1. Math Consumption Wizard (fuel consumption calculation master)

Math Consumption Wizard is currently only available in Wialon Beta.

2. Import and export of calibration tables

Anyone who’s used “tank calibration” feature in Wialon system, probably knows that the process of manually filling in the numbers there can get rather tedious, the more data you have. To automate the process we introduce the new option to import .csv and .txt files to Wialon and export calibration tables to files in .csv (Sensor Properties - Engine):

1. Math Consumption Wizard (fuel consumption calculation master)

Try it out for faster, simplified data input and/or easy sharing with colleagues and clients.

3. Modifications of the monitoring panel

Gurtam keeps steadily updating the look and feel of Wialon monitoring panel elements and work area. Check out the latest of these changes, soon to be implemented in “Stable” branch, as well:

3.1 Displaying text information under a unit name (optional)

We’ve optimized the display of text to give you more space to work with reports and maps. Now, as an option, you can choose to see the relevant information - address, geofence, driver name, phone number, or trailer name (one at a time), - under a unit name, instead of in separate columns: 

1. Math Consumption Wizard (fuel consumption calculation master)

3.2 Customize the width of text columns

With the latest Beta update, you can now manually adjust columns width. To do this, click and drag a column edge in the needed direction: 


3.3 Geofences instead of addresses”-feature update

Similar to the existing option in reports, you can now choose specific groups of geofences, rather than the whole list of each individual one:

 1. Math Consumption Wizard (fuel consumption calculation master)

If a unit moves through several geofences at once, all of them are displayed one by one in order based on the area size. 

3.4 Settings dialog visualization changes

We’ve regrouped the elements and added dividers to the settings dialog (see the previous screenshot) for better user experience. 

3.5 Sorting update

Like to see data sorted by a specific parameter? Now your custom sorting will stay there even after updating of your browser tab or a start of a new session - in Beta version. We’ve also added arrow pointers to the icons to help determine the type and order of the sorting faster: 

1. Math Consumption Wizard (fuel consumption calculation master)

4. Additional new format for displaying time data in reports

Now you can also choose to see the data on durations of states in Reports in the new “hours (with two decimal places)” format. E.g. '3.45' instead of ' 3: 27' . The format can be set in the 'Advanced settings' section of a report template. 

5. New “connection restored” notifications

When setting notifications for connection loss, don’t forget to activate the new “Also notify when connection restored” checkbox: 

1. Math Consumption Wizard (fuel consumption calculation master)

Try and see how you like the Wialon Beta-version updates so far, and leave your comments on our forum. Your ideas and suggestions on the UI-changes and other modifications in Beta can greatly influence Wialon future development and help us provide the best user experience for our partners and customers. 

Till the next update, stay on track!

Anna Glonassova
Anna Glonassova
Anna is the jack-of-all-trades in the Gurtam marketing team. She is involved in all activities, from communicating with Wialon partners on social media to streaming live community events.


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