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18 September, 2013

As technology moves forward, progressing in all shapes and dimensions, so does Wialon, becoming more user-friendly and optimized. Gurtam team of experts are continuously refining the product, to automate the range of functions for you convenience.

Therefore, a profound update has been recently introduced to Wialon Hosting GPS/GLONASS tracking system.

What are these updates?

Reports has now been upgraded with a "Fast transfer to messages" function. The forum community has shaped up discussions on the implementation of this function consecutively introduced by our developers. The function has taken off all the analytical procedures, the user had to go through, to see the reports per vehicle emergencies: if he wants to display the messages per certain interval, all he has to do is to activate the "Transfer to messages" mode by clicking on a "Time" column. The system will easily transfer him right to the messages. The same mode has been introduced in charts — by clicking on a chart, the system will get you to a particular message.


"Expanding" the tracking unit data. The Monitoring panel has progressed, offering our users more data by simply adding it to the box areas. The tracking unit data can now be "scaled up" in the Monitoring panel. The concept of optimizing the data in such a manner first came from the Forum, and was later developed by our team of experts.

By simply clicking on the unit icon, the additional fields will slip out. The relevant fields can be chosen in user settings, where you also set the data, given in the tooltip.

Option to show additional information about the tracking unit


"Quick report" at a click. In the Monitoring panel you can now find a "Quick report" function, also adding to the overall convenience of our Wialon Hosting system. The concept was adopted from the "quick track" principle, enabling the users to start the report at a click. Both "quick" functions can now be set right from the panel. For generating the "quick report" one should display the relevant columns in the panel, as well as select the time interval and the report template.

The possibility to start the report with one click


What is also worth mentioning is that geofences with a unit in them are now sorted by their square size, ranged from small to large.

The forum requests have not been neglected, initiating another update: the sensors can now "memorize" the status change time and reflect this data in the in the monitoring mode.

We also added the smart feature to the time intervals input forms, which automatically swaps the dates, in case the user mixes up the "From" and "To" boxes.

In terms of recent updates, carefully curated by our team of experts, there's a lot more to offer. The forum users are putting a great deal of incentive into our work, thus helping improve the quality of Wialon solutions.


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