«Telematics-2011» — The Report About The Conference

24 November, 2011

Early this month, we hosted a conference entitled Telematics-2011. During the four days between November 9 and 12, our guests discussed many important issues—both in a formal and informal setting. The conference was easily the biggest and the most productive event in Gurtam’s history. Exciting introductions, useful contacts, business negotiations and sharing of experiences were often combined with recreational activities, such as pool, sauna, board games, darts, fishing, and others.

The conference opened with a ceremony of presenting Gurtam Partner Certificates. Aliaksei Shchurko, Gurtam’s general manager, handed out more than 60 Gold Partner, Silver Partner and Bronze Partner certificates. During a presentation on the company’s distribution and discount policy for the year 2012, Aliaksandr Kuushynau, Gurtam’s chief marketing officer, revealed the meaning of the diploma names. He detailed the Gurtam partner program and bonuses for participants.

Our new partner program will start in 2012. Those willing to join the program will be required to sign an addendum to their existing agreement with Gurtam. Applications will be accepted starting on December 1. The bonuses and discounts will depend on partner rank (Gold, Silver or Bronze). Partner rank is determined by the total score, composed of business performance indicators (the number of monitoring units, length of Wialon use, total value of transactions with Gurtam, and proprietary software based on Wialon) and capacity (participation in business community activities and Gurtam partners meetings, promotion of the Wialon brand, and positive customer feedback). The higher your rank, the more valuable the bonuses you will be entitled to. For details of the partner program, please ask your sales manager.

Telematics-2011 by Gurtam Gurtam held Telematics-2011

Wialon Hosting development prospects for 2012, presented by Denis Strakh, head of development, also stirred intense interest. Denis described the new user rights management system, the Wialon software development kit, and Gurtam maps, a new multi-functional map system, all to be implemented in 2012. Your sales manager will know the details.

Day one of the conference saw presentations by Gurtam partners and an account of the Gurtam and Wialon history by Dmitry Harevich.

Day two opened with a presentation by Viacheslav Krival, head of customer support, who described the Gurtam support operating principles and new web services available to Wialon users. The most exciting and anticipated of these services is Wialon Device Unique ID Checker which displays the ID of a GPS tracking device (required for monitoring unit setup). Your sales manager has further details.

The conference continued with awarding of top Gurtam partners in 2011. After this, marketing assistant Valiantsina Babkina presented the website contest and handed awards to the winners. The day concluded with a brand analysis for Wialon and Gurtam, and roundtable discussions.

Telematics-2011 by Gurtam Telematics-2011 by Gurtam

In the evening, the guests were invited to a gala dinner, followed by launching of Chinese paper balloons and the season’s first snowfall.

We were very happy to entertain you at Telematics 2011. We hope you found the event useful and enjoyable. All of the Gurtam team are looking forward to our next get-together. Thank you for being our guests!

You can see all photos from the conference in Gurtam's account on Facebook.


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