Celebration of The Satellite Tracking Day

6 June, 2012

In September 2011 a great issue was brought up on Gurtam forum. The problem was to estimate which of numerous holidays supposes to be celebrated by those involved in the sphere of GPS/GLONASS tracking. Neither the Day of Cosmonautics nor The Geodesy and Cartography day suits.

The solution was to establish a new holiday not associated with those mentioned previously. The date of June 2 wasn’t chosen accidently, it was decided to coincide The Satellite Tracking Day with The Baikonur spaceport birthday. As the result during a Gurtam Partners conference in Logoisk all participants signed a special application to the relevant ministries of the four countries: Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

The responses took quite a long time. But in spite of all the ministers’ feedback pleased us greatly. However, we’ve faced some obstacles caused by our lack of experience in such issues but we strongly hope to make up for it by the next year and please our partners and colleagues with official recognition of such a wonderful holiday as The Satellite Tracking Day.

The response from Kazakhstan The response from Russia The response from Russia The response from the Ukraine

Despite the fact The Satellite Tracking Day is not included in the list of official holidays we’ve decided to show a bright example of professional principles allegiance and moved to the corporate set off. As the venue was chosen Logoisk tourist complex. Right after the arrival Gurtam team started the paintball competition (lucky, no one suffered) and then continued active leisure with "Rope route" overcoming (taking into consideration the height fear some of Gurtam team has shown examples of real bravery).

Paintball Rope route

All in all the corporate set off program was quite intense that’s why we’ve also got experience in sumo wrestling ( all members were dressed in special suits to compensate excessive slenderness) and freeky football with enormously big ball and boots.

Sumo Football

As the conclusion of such eventful day the barbecue picnic took place to celebrate the achieved goals and to inspire relaxation. Our young, enthusiastic and professional staff spent the fruitful and truly unforgettable day with amazing weather and tons of laughs!


It’s important to admit that on Monday Gurtam received another confirmation of Wialon high quality and outstanding reliability. The thing is that during the holiday Navigator Plus server in Armovire undergone a massive DDoS-attack. But Wialon tracking system has stood the test and continued her excellent work. No complaints were received from the clients. Gurtam’s proud that even an expensive DDoS-attack hasn’t dampened our holiday!

That’s why today Gurtam in spite of the slight delay, congratulates all partners with The Satellite Tracking Day and wishes dizzying business successes, fantastic profits and new interesting projects!

Our congratulations, friends!


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