Looking forward to see you at «Telematics 2013. Autumn»

19 September, 2013

Today we're not going to delve upon the updates of all the tracking features and initiatives within our tracking businesses. This time, we'd rather emphasize the networking perspectives most of you will have a chance to face by means of involvement.

This autumn will not only offer the venues for sharing the ideas, but also invite you to see the motherland of Wialon software solutions. The Annual Partner Conference «Telematics 2013. Autumn», celebrating the 11 successful years of Gurtam's presence on the telematics market, will embrace the golden, silver and bronze partners in Minsk. Together the experts will target the business focuses and define the future perspectives.

Discussed will be the technological advances, tracking techniques of the regional, national and international partners — all of which provide a variety of options and resources to understand the fate and transport of contaminants in their countries, and target these issues by means of Wialon software.

Not the least to mention will be the hardware manufacturers exhibition, where vendors shall be able to share their vision on further integration.

During the conference Gurtam will resume activities of 2013, nominate winners and certify our most loyal and dedicated partners, highlight the company business models, and explore the new projects and developments.

The venue and the time of the conference have already been established, taking place on November 19-22, in Minsk, in «Victoria» Hotel and Business center of Belarus, where all the guests will be accommodated.

Infotainment is accompanied with joyous pastime after the official part is over! The entertainment agenda shall fit all and any, showing all the beauties of the Belarusian capital thus nurturing the professional discussions.

The number of «Telematics 2013. Autumn» attendees is constantly growing, that's why Minsk will host a large community of the telematics world. Therefore, we are strongly recommending book the places in advance by filing out the application form and forwarding it to conference@gurtam.com.

The grey autumn routine can definitely be infused with joy, provided the joy is fruitfully spreading the knowledge of your businesses among other Wialon-oriented players.


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