Gurtam launched a new version of GPS software complex Wialon Pro 1301

5 March, 2013

On March, 04 Gurtam announced the launch of a new version of GPS tracking solution Wialon Pro 1301. This is a long-awaited event in the company life, which will please partners and all numerous Wialon Pro users, among which today there are more than 200 companies in 60 countries of the world.

As you know, Wialon Pro GPS tracking solution was created in 2009 and since then has been regularly updated several times a year. Wialon Pro 1106 version finished the era of the third generation GPS tracking systems, and here today we would like to bring to your attention an updated version, including a range of significant innovations and modifications.

Recently, among the key targets for Wialon Pro development Gurtam specialists mentioned creating of a new module, providing the possibility to develop the solution for the external programmers — something like SDK module for Wialon Hosting. And today, a new Wialon Pro 1301 version already includes this module.

It's a unique instrument, representing a software development kit (SDK), which makes possible further development of Wialon Pro software complex not only by Gurtam programmers but by many other IT-specialists and companies, specializing in software development.

With the help of SDK module for Wialon Pro you can develop the applications for mobile devices, broaden the system functionality, as well as integrate Wialon Pro with external applications.

But there is more to come, Wialon Pro appearance has also undergone significant changes. Gurtam specialists completely redesigned the interface, having modified all the buttons and icons, as well as having renewed the fonts and styles. Wialon Pro color palette became more intense, which will surely please a user's eye.

Some elements of the interface changed their location, four new buttons for regulating the display modes were added, many habitual buttons are now presented graphically, and correspond to all modern usability standards. For more details about these and several other modifications see our weblog, and discuss the innovations at Gurtam forum.

According to Gurtam CEO Aliaksei Shchurko: «Wialon Pro is well-known all over the world as a reliable, trusted instrument, holding strong positions on GPS tracking and fleet management market. The team of Gurtam specialists is constantly developing this product, introducing all the necessary modifications and innovations. Presentation of Wialon Pro 1301 version will take place today in Hannover within the largest international IT and telecommunications exhibition CeBIT 2013, where our colleagues will show it to the vast audience of digital world professionals».


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