Gurtam is conquering Kilimanjaro!

20 February, 2014

561cf2d501c18For most of the people February is a time of monotony, endless work and winter fatigue. But for Gurtam and some of our partners this February is different because "Kilimanjaro 2014" expedition to Africa is going to start on January 21st. During the week-long trip expedition team is planning on achieving an ambitious goal - to reach the top of the Kibo volcano and set Gurtam flag there, at an altitude of 5895 meters. The expedition will take place from February 21st to March 1st and the preparation for the adventure is almost over. The expedition team will include representatives from Gurtam and the bravest of our partners.

During the expedition the team of our fearless colleagues and partners will climb to an altitude of 5895 meters and deal with severe changes in temperature from tropical heat to snow and freezing wind. Climbing to the top is a serious challenge. Because of climate, weather conditions, acclimatization, altitude sickness and physical fatigue only about 40% of all those who go on a journey usually reach the top. Others return unable to withstand physical stress.

Команда Gurtam вместе со своими отважными и решительными партнерами

While our partners have shown extraordinary courage by agreeing to such an adventure Gurtam is absolutely committed to all the preparations for the expedition. Thoughtful route plan, maintenance and equipment are important part of successful adventure. So we invested a lot of time and energy in preparation for the expedition. Obviously, the team will be equipped with GPS/GLONASS trackers that work smoothly even in difficult weather conditions and even at the height of 5000 meters. Due to the work of GPS and GLONASS systems everyone can track the progress of the expedition team in real time in a specially created account Wialon Hosting. We are confident that during their 4 days journey to the top our team will be provided with the best equipment that will ensure the safety of climbing.

We have no doubt that our expedition team will get to the top to set the flag and prove that even the most challenging goals can be achieved with persistence, good preparation and a great team. In the meantime we wish our team best of luck and are all very excited to watch their ascent in Google Maps: