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Gurtam 2018: “assembling” the year’s results

27 December, 2018
Kirill Yakynin

Everything that Gurtam does reminds me of Lego. The community, the team, the product – all built from small bricks of different shapes, sizes, colors. When assembled, becomes something impressive. Plus, while Lego is “Inventing the future of play”, we invent the future of telematics.   

That’s why we summarize the results of 2018 inspired by “Imagine a movie” campaign by Lego, and suggest you imagine the year with Gurtam community.  

To get maximum satisfaction from the article, follow the simple steps. 

  1. Look into the illustration. Very thoroughly. 
  2. Guess the event we’ve concealed. 
  3. Check the right answer below the pic.

Event #1 

Wialon controls 1,800,000 assets. We’ve added 460,000 new units to the system this year: people, vehicles, goods, trains, ships, generators, filling stations. Sizes, types, and the number of parameters don’t matter. We receive and analyse all the data that a tracker and additional equipment send and make even the most sophisticated assets intercommunicate. By doing so, we go beyond satellite monitoring. As our partner Raafat Salih (Integrated Solutions) once said, “If Wialon is not IoT, so what in the world is IoT?”    

Event #2  

10 exhibitions globally = 7 standard booths and 3 megabooths where Gurtam co-exhibited with the leading technological partners: 

Interesting facts:

First time exhibiting in Brazil and China.

1000 partners vs. 1000+ meetings. As you see, we’ve covered more than everyone. 

Insights time: 

Looking for the best value-for-money ratio? Check out GITEX Technology Week, Securex and Exposec to exhibit.

Event #3

Gurtam hosted 5 regional conferences – in Dubai, Minsk, Los Angeles, and Mexico. Moreover, we supported our partners in organizing 6 more conferences by being speakers and taking around arrangements. Last conference of this kind was held in Sri Lanka less than a month ago. 

In 2018, almost 700 people attended Gurtam partner conferences globally – were meeting each other in person, sharing experiences, becoming close friends and business partners. Hope you’ve attended at least one event, and if not... 

Circle July 29 – August 1 on the calendar

These days, we organize anniversary “TelematiX” in Minsk. There, we gather Russian and English speaking partners together for the first time in the past 4 years. So mark the event as “must-attend”.

Event #4

At the conference in Minsk, we summarized the results of the business year and published the updated Wialon Top 50 Global rating that features:

  • New balance of powers – 27 English-speaking vs. 23 Russian-speaking partners ranked among the most rapidly developing. 

  • Companies from Russia and Ukraine dominate the TOP 10. Only Traklink from Jordan are regard as competitors.

  • Global Position from Russia ranks #1. It took one year to hit the top from the 14th position – very impressive!    

And the main thing is that we restore partner statuses – Gold, Silver, Bronze – according to their position in the rating.

Event #5

We announced the new product named Gurtam Space. This is a platform for the development of telematics solutions as fast and simple as humanly possible. The product will be released for testing in 2019 – sign up to become the first alpha/beta user. Commercial release is planned for 2020. 

Event #6

China – a great civilization that gave us compass for navigation, but remains on the sidelines of satellite monitoring software implementation. Throughout the country, they use hundreds of DIY systems, and Gurtam is eager to fix the situation. In 2018, we headed for China to attend Global Sources exhibition and visited Shenzhen to meet telematics hardware manufacturers in person.  

Event #7

We update the system several times a month and spotlight the most important things on our blog. For you to imagine the scale, 300+ new functions and optimizations from Wialon Hosting were implemented in Wialon Local 1804 in 2018.

At the same time, it’s not about how many new functions. It’s about every partner getting the features he really needs. By participating in forum discussions, asking questions, and meeting our specialists personally you make the platform constantly evolve. And we thank you for that.     

Event #8

If your fleet hurts, call the doctor. We’ve just found a good one for it. Call him Fleetrun. 

Just recently, we released the solution for maintenance management, planning, and expenditure records, and suggest you try it sooner rather than later. Watch the webinar on Fleetrun to start with, and contact to dive deeper.  

Event #9

flespi. Still, the technology. Still, the platform from developers to developers. Still, connecting any types of telematics hardware with any systems. Since 2018, it works with MQTT 5.0 and offers the proprietary device management platform. Click to start connecting your telematics hardware to any software.   

Event #10

1 500 devices supported 

According to statistics, Gurtam integrates one device every two days. Got a new client? Check if the devices installed on his vehicles are compatible with Wialon. If not, leave a request for integration. It's easier than re-equipping the whole fleet.    

To be frank, the whole article was conceived to say the main words of the year:  

We wish you a Happy New Year – this one will be long remembered. And it gets better and better. 2019 will meet you with TelematiX, 2,000,000 assets connected to Wialon, and 4 megabooths. Stay with us to see everything with your own eyes. 

Kirill Yakynin
Kirill Yakynin
Kirill is the Brand Manager at Gurtam. He maintains brand integrity across all the company’s marketing initiatives and communications and ensures that Gurtam products resonate with current and potential customers.


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