АВM Rinkai TMS

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ABM Rinkai TMS is a SaaS solution for automating «last-mile» logistics management that daily routes more than 4,000 vehicles and 100k+ orders. The system allows you to automatically generate routes in compliance with more than 15 types of restrictions at a minimal cost. Our software makes it possible to reduce the influence of the human factor while improving the quality of delivery, providing total route execution control in online mode. Through ABM Rinkai TMS only 1 logistician can manage up to 10 warehouses effectively.

Rinkai Routing is a tool that allows users to create an efficient routing plan for «last mile» delivery. Our state-of-art algorithm used parameters of customer locations and orders, vehicle costs and restrictions, and depot restrictions. This solution helps to minimize the number of vehicle fleet units involved in delivery by 7-12%. The fleet of vehicles and overruns reduced can lower the transportation costs for the delivery of the “last mile” by 12-15%, considering the solution rental payment.


  • Estonia Estonia
  • Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
  • Ukraine Ukraine

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