Wialon Hosting 0316 Update

28 March, 2016
Kirill Yakynin

The first month of spring gave several reasons for joy: just a while ago the world celebrated the 8th of March and now Wialon Hosting 0316 update was released. This time we modified tooltips display, added new map layers, several options to use tachographs data and much more. 

Tachograph data 

Wialon system becomes increasingly effective when functioning in conjunction with tachographs. It provides up-to-date information on driver activity due to remote DDD-files downloading from several tachograph types and online data availability. Unfortunately, 30-days storage period has not been enough to analyze driver activity data and working hours violations over a longer period. 

DDD-files and online data storage period has been extended, but not standardized. It now depends on data storage period specified in account properties in CMS Manager and is individual for every user. Data storage period extension allows to generate reports based on driver activity data for previous months for retrospective analytics. 

Upon driver activity report execution the information on daily mileage is displayed in the corresponding column on the basis of DDD-files or online data. This way, to review current data on daily mileage it’s sufficient to look through the corresponding report. 


Address source

Wialon Hosting 0316 allows users to add addresses from geofence groups and resources from a drop-down list to a report table. The report will then contain geofence name, specified by the user, instead of an address. The function will be useful for those operating in the regions with poor address data available and those not willing to guess which facility is located at one out of the hundreds of addresses.


Wialon system brings more detailed information to user fingertips due to geofence description availability in geofence report table. Thanks to the description you can view any information specified by the user, including purpose of a visit, location, comments and etc., merely looking through the report.

Orders report

With the release of the new Wialon Logistics service Gurtam team started working on the advancement of order fulfillment reporting. For the purpose “Orders” table was implemented with new data grouping capabilities available at driver and unit reports compilation. The former allows for grouping by units and routes, while the latter supports grouping by routes only. Thus, faster search for relevant data in report tables is ensured, as you no longer need to examine an unstructured list.

Orders Report


Unit characteristics

We also augmented Profile tab with the option to edit drop-down lists by adding, modifying and deleting irrelevant items. Thus, we get a reference book allowing a user to save time on vehicle description and automate the process.

Reference book - Profile

Moreover, “Profile” tab was supplemented by “Gross vehicle weight”, “Axles”, ”Color” and ”Cargo type” fields. The first two may be utilized in case when a vehicle is moving in the territory of Belarus, which is a transit state for numerous companies engaged in freight forwarding. “Color” field is used while working with international services such as car rental, insurance and vehicle accounting. The new data available helps to differentiate vehicles, provides for more accurate prices and fares calculation and may be further used for grouping and filtration purposes. 



Users with a large number of elements allocated into groups may enjoy a more efficient use of tooltips. Now the tooltips “freeze” on a screen when a cursor hovers over the group. At that, tooltip rendering period is minimized. This allows for increased speed and flexibility while handling information in tooltips.


New map layers

In March we added new map layers, including traffic layer in Microsoft Bing maps. It becomes available when Bing maps are activatedThe modification grants access to the new capabilities of the popular cartographic service with no need for API key for the service connection. 

Moreover we added Mapbox custom maps being already used in Foursquare, Pinterest and Uber services. Mapbox unique styles and design will surely make your map window stand out.

New Maps

Other improvements

Groups” tab in unit properties dialog was brought up to date due to style modifications. Group search filter was adjusted in accordance with the corresponding CMS Manager filter. 

Weight data output demands maximum accuracy, as in a fleet of a hundred vehicles even several kilos variations can make sense. That’s why if you use metric system in stops, trips, engine-hours and other comparable reports, weight values will be displayed accurate to two decimals

New unit icons of arrow types were implemented. The icons are designed to show unit driving direction. Now you know where the unit heads without spending much time observing unit movements on the map.


Taking into consideration the role of our community in the advancements, we hope for further cooperation with our partners in system modifications and looking forward to your comments and suggestions on our forum

Kirill Yakynin
Kirill Yakynin
Kirill is the Brand Manager at Gurtam. He maintains brand integrity across all the company’s marketing initiatives and communications and ensures that Gurtam products resonate with current and potential customers.


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