New Version of GPS Tracking System Wialon Pro Released — Now Wialon Pro 1106

15 August, 2011

GPS tracking system Wialon Pro 1106 has been released today. Its development occupied more than six months. This version includes many useful options and tools which haven’t been accessible to Wialon Pro owners yet.

Some new Wialon Pro 1106 features:

  • Opportunity to receive photos made and sent with GPS hardware.
  • New track player which can play out a track mapped by any possible way (e.g. in Reports mode, in Messages mode, on Tracks panel or on the Monitoring panel with Fast track building button).
  • New relevance filter which builds up a unit list depending on how long ago the last message from a unit has been received.
  • Opportunity to call and send SMS from GPS tracking system.
  • New types of tasks, notifications and reports.

Besides, now Wialon Pro supports more than 20 new GPS tracking devices including Voyager 2, MVT 600 и RMU 900.

You should know that Wialon Pro works only under 64-bit Linux servers and doesn’t support any version of Windows. Be ready to convert all your messages to another database and to create all monitored routes again during the update to Wialon Pro 1106 (data storage system was totally changed in this version). If you’re using Wialon Pro 1101 or Wialon 1006, you can contact Gurtam sales team and update to version 1106.

Wialon Pro 1106 is the last Wialon version based on Wialon B3 software core. The next version will be developed on new software platform and will be released in about a year. Up to this time Gurtam will work up special updating terms for Wialon B2 and Wialon Pro owners.


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