Gurtam at Smart Fleet Management conference

6 December, 2017
Anna Glonassova

By the end of 2020 in the Arab Emirates, they plan to finish a large-scale Dubai Smart City project that will turn the city into one of the most digital and eco-friendly places in the world. That’s why so many meetings in the region are focused on the discussion of smart-technologies. From December 11 to 12, 2017 Smart Fleet Management Middle East conference will take place in Dubai. Gurtam is going to participate as an expert. 

Smart City

The Emirates are getting ready for a very special event in their history: in 2020 World Expo, one of the biggest exhibitions globally will take place in Dubai. Emirates became the first country in the Middle East that was entitled to Expo organization. But there is one more reason why everybody is so excited about this date. Within the 6 months of Expo 2020, the country is about to admit 25 million tourists and amaze them with Dubai Smart City project. New Dubai Smart City infrastructure will be based on the technologies that will provide the digital connection of all life aspects such as entertainment and economics, environment and public services. Dubai strives to provide the easiness of communications. For instance, the online government was introduced already in 1999 and by 2030 25% of Dubai public transport will be automated.Smart City concept is now actively promoted and implemented in Dubai. It unites all possible sensors in a single communication center. Technologies allow estimating the level of energy consumption and costs level depending on real needs and excluding human factor. In near future, the city will be developing in this direction. Expo 2020, Dubai Logistics City start, UAE Vision 2021 – all these have a positive impact on the transport and logistics sector of the region.

Smart technologies only

One of the areas of “smart cities” development is Smart Transportation that implies the wide use of telematics solutions. Telematics devices and software will allow to improve public transportation, reduce waiting time and costs. All these aspects are a part of eco-driving that is of great importance in Smart City project.Fuel consumption control, fleet management and security improvement, support costs and customer assistance improvement are key objectives that are planned to be solved in the region in cargo transportation sphere with the help of telematics technologies."Gurtam as a telematics platform provider has the experience of working with smart-technologies. We can control movements of units, interact with them, identify their status and respond according to the changes in sensors values. We offer the solution that has already been polished in terms of such interaction patterns as vehicle-to-infrastructure, vehicle-to-vehicle or infrastructure-to-vehicle.The market is moving towards smart technologies and is primarily concerned about cost saving. Telematics is just the bridge between this purpose and the problem. Gurtam is ready to help the already existing city infrastructure to adjust to Smart City project. We can offer our transport solutions. Our logistics solutions will be useful in energy saving issues. Thus, implementing changes today, transport and logistics companies will be ready for global infrastructure changes in 2020", says Alexander Smirnov, the Business Development Director in the Middle East region.

What awaits at the conference

Within the framework of Smart Fleet Management Middle East, the speakers will discuss the way telematics technologies influence the development of Smart City concept. Follow the conference news to get to know:

  • Fleet management latest trends and best practices;
  • How to use technologies for better fleet management; 
  • How to analyze the technologies you are currently using;
  • Possibilities that are worth paying attention to;
  • Telematics and fleet management news.

Smart Fleet Management Middle East

December 11-12, 2017Dusit Thani, Dubai The conference fee is charged. Register here to take part in the event. On our blog, you can also read about other events that Gurtam took part in.

Anna Glonassova
Anna Glonassova
Anna is the jack-of-all-trades in the Gurtam marketing team. She is involved in all activities, from communicating with Wialon partners on social media to streaming live community events.


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