NimBus. The new solution for public transportation tracking


NimBus comprises the core functionality of satellite tracking system and specialized tools designed for passenger transportation management.

Use the service to create stops, optimize routes, distribute vehicles between routes, manage schedules, and track route performance in real time. NimBus features intuitive navigation and user-friendly interface, handy timeline and event-based notifications for online tracking, special ACL system and the proprietary API for third-party software integration and custom developments.

How it works

How NimBus works


NimBus webinar

NimBus Basics

Topics discussed:

  • Adding Stops
  • Creating Routes
  • List of Rides
  • Online monitoring
  • Different Report types
  • Operation pattern
  • Administration and Activation

Recorded: September 20, 2017
Author: Oleg Zharkovsky, Wialon Trainert
Length: 41 minutes

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