Oyster Cellular

Oyster Cellular
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Características Oyster Cellular:
  • 3G
  • Caja negra
  • Soporta GLONASS
Soportado en Wialon:
  • Comunicación vía TCP

Para que el sistema de rastreo Wialon identifique los datos de Oyster Cellular en el diálogo de configuración de la unidad, indique los siguientes datos :

Tipo de dispositivo: Oyster Cellular
ID único: imei

Indique los siguientes parámetros en el programa de configuración o en la configuración Oyster Cellular para utilizarlos en Wialon Hosting :

Puerto del servidor: 21403

En el centro de servicio Wialon se utilizan 1504 unidades Oyster Cellular — es 1.73% de la cantidad total de dispositivos Rastreador de activos conectados.

La gráfica representa la cantidad de conexiones en el centro de servicio Wialon en los últimos 30 días:

Nombre del parámetro Descripción Unidades de medida
cell_id_# Cell ID
cell_loc_code_# Location Area Code
mcc_# Mobile Country Code (MCC)
mnc_# Mobile Network Code (MNC)
wifi_chnl_# WiFi Channel
wifi_rssi_# Signal strength dBm
wifi_mac_ap_# MAC address of AP
gforse_dur Duration ms
gforse_ave Average absolute value of G force 1024 = 1G
gforse_peak Peak G force 1024 = 1G
rftag_gateway Gateway serial. The serial of the receiving gateway.
rftag_serial Serial number. Null in Trailer mode.
rftag_token Token. Shows asset in Trailer mode. Otherwise may be null.
rftag_gate_mode Gateway mode. 0 = Trailer, 1 = Taglist 2, 3 = Reserved
rftag_link_type Link type. 0 = Broadcast, 1 = Static, 2= Dynamic, 3 = Reserved.
rftag_tag_type Tag type. 0 = Mini, 1 = T50, 2 = Tiny, Other = reserved.
rftag_last Last seen. Time since last seen, in seconds or minutes. sec or min
rftag_last_type Last seen in mins. Indicates previous field is in minutes. min
rf_gateway Gateway serial. The serial of the receiving gateway.
rf_serial Serial number. The serial of the tag.
rf_gate_mode Gateway mode. 0 = Trailer, 1 = Taglist, 2, 3 = Reserved
rf_link_type Link type. 0 = Broadcast 1 = Static 2= Dynamic 3 = Reserved
rf_token Token. Shows asset in Trailer mode. Otherwise may be null.
rf_gained_tag Gained tag. Set when tag/asset comes into range/is selected.
rf_rssi_delta RSSI delta. Set when RSSI changes significantly (Taglist mode).
rf_please_report Please report. Set when tag requests a report.
rf_deb_fail Debounce failed. Set when digital IO’s are reported oscillating.
rf_tag_type Tag type. 0 = Mini, 1 = T50, 2 = Tiny, Other = reserved.
rf_fw_ver Firmware version
rf_hard_ver Hardware revision
rf_rssi RSSI In dBm. dBm
rf_tx_pwr Tx power. In dBm. dBm
rf_period Report period. Tag report period.
rf_period_type Period in minutes. Indicates period in minutes / seconds. sec/min
rf_count Retry count. How many times was Id message retried?
rf_pwr_int Battery voltage. Units 3.3 / 256 V.
rf_d_level Digital levels. Logical digital levels
rf_d_change Digital changes. Which levels changed.
rf_#_l_alarm Low alarm. Value below alarm threshold
rf_#_h_alarm High alarm. Value above alarm threshold
rf_#_value Value Sensor value, or INT32_MAX for null.
trip_code ASCII trip type code
project_code ASCII project code
blob_serial Device Serial Number
blob_slot_id Slot ID
blob_id BLOB ID
blob_mime_type Data Type – MIME type
blob_meta_# BLOB meta data
adc_### Analogue Data
measur_type SDI12 Measurement Type (0-9)
dev_ident Measurement (scaled by 1000) Scaled by 1000 Eg milli-degrees centigrade
drv_id_type Driver ID type / flags
drv_id_data Driver ID data

Device Status Flags (bits 1-16)

b1-b8: common across devices

b1 = trip status. 1 = “in trip”

b2 = internal battery good

b3 = external power good

b4 = connected to GSM

b5 = shunting power from battery

b6 = external power enabled

b7 = tamper alert

b8 = recovery mode active

b9-b16: device specific

severity Severity. 0 = Info, 1 = Warning, 2 = Severe, 3 = Critical
module_id Module ID
event_code Event code
ascii_debug Ascii debug string
gps_flag GPS Status.
Flags b0=fix VALID, b1=3D fix, b2= old fix, due to loss of signal (b2 applies to Remora only)
tag_log_# Tag log reason, 0- update, 1- found, 2- Lost
tag_type_# Tag type
tag_rssi_# Tag RSSI
tag_ser_num_# Tag serial number
tag_tx_power_# Tx power
tag_battery_# Tag battery
tag_int_temp_# Tag internal temperature
tag_uuid_# Tag UUID
tag_major_id_# Tag Major ID
tag_minor_id_# Tag Minor ID
tag_mac_# Tag MAC address
tag_namespace_# Tag namespace ID
tag_instance_# Tag instance ID
tag_flags_# Tag flags
tag_temp_# Tag temperature
tag_hum_# Tag humidity
tag_prob1_temp_# Tag probe 1 temperature
tag_prob2_temp_# Tag probe 2 temperature
tag_rh_temp_# Tag RH sensor, temperature
tag_rh_hum_# Tag RH sensor, humidity
tag_inp_# Tag digital input
tag_ai1_# Tag analog input 1
tag_ai2_# Tag analog input 2
tag_frame_type_# Tag frame type
tag_ver_# Tag version
tag_vbatt_# Tag VBATT
tag_ad_pdu_c_# Tag advertising PDU count
tag_on_time_# Tag time since power-on or reboot
tag_freq_# Tag frequency
tag_lat_acc_# Tag lateral acceleration
tag_lon_acc_# Tag longitudinal acceleration
tag_alt_acc_# Tag vertical acceleration
tag_tyre_num_# Tag tyre number
tag_sen_id_# Tag sensor ID
tag_press_# Tag pressure
tag_gen_type_# Tag generic tag type
tag_gen_data_# Tag generic tag data

Internal battery voltage


External voltage = adc_2/10


Internal temperature = adc_3/100

degrees C
adc_4 GSM signal strength, (0-31 with 31 being full strength) dBm
adc_6 - #

Analogues 6 and up are configurable.


Reserved for system values

Oyster Cellular Long-Life Battery GPS Tracker

The Oyster is a compact, rugged GPS tracking device that has been designed for tracking containers, trailers, skip bins, and other assets where super-long battery life is required without sacrificing the frequency of updates and performance.

By utilising the latest technology, the Oyster can operate in ultra-low power modes, and with an incredible battery life of up to 5 years the Oyster Cellular can be attached to assets and tracked without needing to change batteries. The Oyster has built-in antennas for GPS reception and for cellular communication, a 3D accelerometer, a high-performance GPS that can track both GPS and GLONASS satellites simultaneously and flash memory for storing non-volatile information.

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