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Yuliya Veraskouskaya
Head of Technical Support Department
We are one of the largest department in the company. We are engaged in 24/7 technical support, mapping and holding Wialon training sessions for partners and colleagues. We provide techsupport in three languages – Russian, English and Spanish. We are the team of professionals, which is achieved through everyday collection of data on system and its operation as well as continuous professional advancement of our employees. That is why we are ready to solve any problem, whether you address us by mail, by phone or via online chat.
Volha Smirnova
Chief Marketing Officer
Marketing is a common activity, so much as we closely cooperate with other departments. We’re trying to make their lives easier, providing company specialists and partners with all the necessary marketing materials, building up effective communication with community members and dealing with all the arrangements of exhibitions and conferences. We constantly keep abreast of the market trends not to allow emergencies to catch us off balance.
Sales Int.
Olga Filonchuk
International Sales Direсtor
As far as Gurtam is now present in more than 100 countries, the company needs the department for which the world is not enough. The increase of Gurtam footprint in the international market is a challenge which faces Sales International Department. Our region is the second most important for the company, as it generates about 23% of total revenue and is characterized by the increasing number of clients and positive connection dynamics.
Sales US
Sergei Leuchanka
Managing Director, USA
The success of Wialon system in the EU and Russia allowed Gurtam to move to a new level and enter the market of the higher order. Boston office was founded on July, 1st 2013, which allowed top Gurtam specialists to strengthen company presence in the Americas. Today the efficient operation of our multinational team allowed us to partner with about 150 clients. This is only the beginning as the USA team is targeting Latin America.
Sales Ru
Denis Grebennikov
CIS Sales Director
We do business with the Russian Federation and other former Soviet Union countries. The importance of this market can’t be overestimated, as this is the playground where Wialon system made it first steps. Even after 13 years of company operations the region generates about 70% of revenue. Our team comprises 5 regional managers and one consultant always ready to address any emerging issues of our clients.
Nickolay Kurdesov
Head of Hardware Department
HW Department professionals know everything about GPS-equipment and are ready to share the knowledge with clients and colleagues. We are engaged in hardware integration with Wialon system, company server center management, HW forum threads and other internal resources moderation. We address any issue of GPS equipment adjustment and configuration.
Denis Strakh
Head of Solutions Department
Solutions Department specializes in the development and updating of Gurtam products. The developers continuously advance off-the-shelf solution and come up with the ideas on further modifications. Designer team is responsible for product appeal, while mobile development team grants mobile access to all the solutions. We are also engaged in technical documents preparation for all the company products and are ready to advise any specialist interested.
Vladimir Nedved
Head of Quality Assurance Department
All the products developed in Gurtam are tested and checked for compliance with the requirements in Quality Assurance Department. Each employee is responsible for testing certain product and data collection for the whole period of its development and updates. We also provide advisory support towards system operation and modification trends. We are the ones who determine the future of updates.

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