Newest Release Candidate of Wialon Now Avaible — 0909C1

15 julio, 2009

Dear customers,

We launched a new system of creating distributions. They will come every four month as a new release (branch). Two month before release we make a branch and present it as release-candidate.

Thus, 15/07/2009 the release-candidate of the 1st version 09/2009 appeared. It including:

Advanced Reports

This is a new module designed to generate reports on other system elements (not devices), for example, unit groups, geozones, and users.


This is a new module designed to retranslate device messages in real time mode from your Wialon B3 server to other servers and systems including Wialon B2.

Telematic Server Software

  • Some new device types are now supported: Krot, ARTAL-GSM-AE, Novacom GNS-TRACK, eLoc GL-100, FleetGuard, Emcraft MTDS-300, M2M-UA GPS, Планар-GG101.
  • Тhe method of tagging alarm messaged is changed. Alarm messages registered before installing updates will not be marked as alarm.
  • DB optimization: reading rate and data storage protection improved, automatic defragmentation is now off by default.
  • Mobile Navigator software supplied with Globus GPS GL-800 navigators now more closely integrated to tracking site (Wialon Web). Possibility of two-sided exchange of text messages between drivers and operators via GPRS appeared. There is an alarm button for driver. With just one click of a mouse the operator can send destination point to device, and at once it will be directed to Navitel Navigator.

Wialon Web (tracking site)

  • Group overlapped devices icons. If one or more units overlay on the map, their icons can be grouped into one. It lightens visual reception of the map. The exception is in two biggest zooms where all icons are displayed regardless their overlapping.
  • Replace devices icons with direction arrows. If marked, devices icons are hidden, and all units are displayed with motion direction arrows (if they are in motion) or with blue rhomb shaped marker (if they are standing).
  • Custom fields can be applied to device and user settings. They can contain any information: user name /surname, his/her phone, device registration number, model, color, etc. Custom fields' values can be included in reports (depending on report configuration) and represented in the Total chart. They are also displayed in device popup window.
  • Track player. While watching device messages one can activate track player for dynamic display of motion.
  • Engine state is added to Tracking panel. If a device has ignition sensor, its state (on/off) is shown.
  • Icons to display device motion state (standing or moving) in the tracking panel. If the last message from device was received more than an hour ago, these icons become grey (instead of green and red) for additional visualization.
  • Calculation table wizard allows creating calibration table for automatic selection of coefficients when setting up a sensor. This wizard simplifies the process of registration and configuration of sensors.
  • Store map coordinates and zoom. User settings => Maps => Store coordinates and zoom. Map current position and zoom can be remembered and loaded when starting Wialon the next time.
  • WebGIS server URL. User settings => Maps => WebGIS server URL. Here you can indicate a new WebGIS URL address to use it in tracking site. In case of slow connection to the Internet, it is necessary to load map images from a local server.

Reports module

  • Fuel consumption: there is a new parameter for detecting fuel discharges – minimum time of standing.
  • Geozones as address source. Now geozones can be used as addresses. This leads to full customization of reports.
  • Smooth Charts is a new feature for reports that makes visualization of charts better.
  • Digital sensors. Now it is possible to input custom units of measure in the corresponding field. The feature is applied to digital sensors only. Entering the unit of measure, use slash. Input measurement units will be displayed in device popup window as well as given in reports on Digital Sensors Changes.
  • Reports on Groups of Geozones. Selecting this type of report results in adding statistics to report. To display also a detalized information about geozones visited, you should also include Geozones Visits Detalization.

Advanced Reports module

  • Group report on trips: statistics on trips of all units in group has been added.
  • Group report on Engine Hours: statistics on engine hours of all units in group has been added.
  • Report on geozone visit . This kind of report shows how frequently and which devices visited an indicated geozone, how much time they spent their, etc.
  • Report on groups of geozones visited. This kind of report is similar to previous one with the difference that it is generated for a group of zones.
  • Report on user. Shows all user's logins and logouts.

Notifications/Events module

  • Geozone control. Now controlling geozone visit one can set also limitations of speed allowed. In such a way one can control speed overrun in a given zone.


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