Topflytech TLW2-12B

Topflytech TLW2-12B
Производитель: TOPFLYTECH Co., Limited
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Особенности Topflytech TLW2-12B:
  • Наличие черного ящика
  • BLE

Для того чтобы система мониторинга Wialon корректно идентифицировала данные от Topflytech TLW2-12B в диалоге настроек объекта, укажите следующие данные:

Тип устройства: Topflytech TLW2-12B
Уникальный ID: custom

Укажите следующие параметры в конфигурационной программе или в конфигурации Topflytech TLW2-12B для использования его в Wialon Hosting:

Порт сервера: 22095

Всего в серверном центре Wialon используется 775 объектов Topflytech TLW2-12B — это составляет 1.72% от общего количества устройств в категории «Стационарные устройства».

График изменения количества подключений в серверном центре Wialon за последние 30 дней:

Имя параметра Описание Единицы измерения
ign Ignition state: 0 - off, 1 - on
battery The current volume of the backup battery
call_number The phone number of the incoming call
charging Whether the backup battery is charging when the main power supply is connected.
0 - not charging
1 - charging
csq_ber The quality of the GSM signal. The range is 0-99
curr_hour_meter The current hour meter count
curr_mileage The current mileage
data_type The data reported to backend server is recorded before or after crash:
0 - before crash
1 - after crash
Engine Stop Can connect relay to stop car’s engine
MIC Inner Mic-phone for voice monitor
SOS SOS button
Bluetooth Bluetooth for 2 ways audio
ext_pow_supply Whether the external power supply is connected.
0 - not connected
1 - connected
fuel_level_input Indicates the nominal fuel tank liquid fill capacity as a percent of maximum
gps_acc GPS accuracy
gps_signal GPS signal status:
0 - lost GPS signal or no successful GPS fix
1 - GPS signal recovered and successful GPS fix
hard_ver The hardware version
harsh_behavior Harsh behavior
harsh_speed_level The speed level of which the harsh behavior is detected
idling The time that the vehicle has been in idling status
ign_off_duration Duration since last time the ignition is off
ign_on_duration Duration since last time the ignition is on
jamming_status The current Jamming status of the device.
1 - quit the jamming
2 - enter the jamming
led_on Whether the LED’s are turned on.
0 - off
1 - on
mil_activated_dist The distance accumulated since MIL is activated
mileage The total mileage
mil_status Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) status:
0 - off
1 - on
packet_type Report packet type
pwr_ext The voltage of the external power supply
pwr_int The voltage of the backup battery. The value of this field is only valid when the external power is not connected.
soft_ver The software version
state The current motion state of device:
  • Tow
  • Fake Tow
  • Ignition Off Rest
  • Ignition Off Motion
  • Ignition On Rest
  • Ignition On Motion
  • Sensor Rest
  • Sensor Motion
throttle_pos Indicates a percentage of throttle position sensor value. Usually above 0% at idle and less than 100% at full throttle.
time_zone Time zone offset
x_axisN The X axis acceleration
y_axisN The Y axis acceleration
z_axisN The Z axis acceleration

Ignition ON Upload Interval


Ignition OFF Upload Interval


Angle Upload Interval


Distance Upload Interval


Over Speed Alarm Setting:

Bit15=0, unit is KM/H; Bit15=1, unit is Mile/H;

Value=0 (Bit14~ Bit7), over speed alarm disabled


Network signal strength


Bit7=0, realtime data; Bit7=1, history data

Bit6=0, LBS data; Bit6=1, GNSS data

Bit5=0, GNSS is in working mode. Bit5=1, GNSS is in sleeping mode


Bit7~Bit4, total 16 different gsensor sensitivity for move.


Bit3~Bit0, show 4 managers status (set or not)

Value=1, manger is set; Value=0, manager is null


Bit7: lock SIM card; Value=1, locked; Value=0, unlocked

Bit6: lock device; value=1, locked; value=0, unlocked

Bit5 always =0, no specific meaning

Bit4: antitheft alarm; value=1, enabled, value=0, disabled

Bit3~Bit0 total 16 different vibration sensitivity for vribration alarm.

heartbeat Heartbeat min

1. Bit7=1, device received the engine cut command

2. Bit7=0, device received the engine recover command

3. Bit6=1, engine cut OK

4. Bit6=0 enginee cut failed because gps not fix or speed more than 20KM/H;

5.Build in alarm SMS message language: Bit3~Bit0; value=0, Chinese

value=1, English

value=2, French

value=3, Spanish

value=4, German

value=5, Portuguese

value=6, Arabic

value=7, Indonesian

value=8, Russian

value=9, Turkish


Value(Bit15~Bit0)=0, the drag alarm is disabled


1. Bit15: external power supply; value=0, external power is connected; value=1, external power is disconnected

2. Bit14: Ignition digtal input, value=1 igntion ON; value=0 ignition OFF

3. Bit13, AC digital input, value=1 AC on; value=0 AC off

4. Bit12,digital input 3, value=1, on; value=0, off

5. Bit 11, digital input 4; value=1, on; value=0, off

6. Bit 10, digital input 5; value=1, on; value=0, off

7. Bit 9, digital input 6; value=1, on; value=0, off

8. Bit0: ACCDET setting status, value=1, enabled; value=0, disabled


1. Bit7: Vout, value=0, 5V output; value=1, 12V output

2. Bit6:Vout, value=0 (off); value=1 (on)

3. Bit5: digital output1, value=1 (on); value=0 (off)

4. Bit4: digital output2, value=1 (on); value=0 (off)

5. Bit3: digital output3, value=1 (on); value=0 (off)


Analog Inputs


1. Value=1, external power disconnected

2. Value=2, build in battery low power alarm

3. Value=3, SOS alarm

4. Value=4, over speed alarm

5. Value=5, into geofence alarm

6. Value=6, out of geofence alarm

7. Value=7, drag alarm

8. Value=8, vibration alarm

9. Value=9, device get address for postion SMS

10. Value=10, antitheft alarm

11. Value=11, analog input1 voltage increase alarm

12. Value=12, analog input1 voltage decrease alarm

13. Value=13, analog input2 voltage increase alarm

14. Value=14, analog input2 voltage decrease alarm

15. Value=15, ACC on alarm

16. Value=16, ACC off alarm

17. Value=17, AC on alarm

18. Value=18, AC off alarm

19. Value=19, one idling start alarm. Customer can define the idling timing

20. Value=20, one idling end alarm

21. Value=21, signal jammer start alarm. (config with JAMMERD command)

22. Value=22, signal jammer end alarm

23. Value=23, external power recover alarm

24. Value=24, alarm of the external power voltage lower than threshold value. (config with AEPOWER command)

25. Value=25, digital 3 input from 0 to 1;

26. Value=26, digital 3 input from 1 to 0;

27. Value=27, digital 4 input from 0 to 1;

28. Value=28, digital 4 input from 1 to 0;

25. Value=29, digital 5 input from 0 to 1;

26. Value=30, digital 5 input from 1 to 0;

27. Value=31, digital 6 input from 0 to 1;

28. Value=32, digital 6 input from 1 to 0;

29. Value=33, analog input3 voltage increase alarm

30. Value=34, analog input3 voltage decrease alarm

31. Value=35, analog input4 voltage increase alarm

32. Value=36, analog input4 voltage decrease alarm


Bit5: SMS alarm to manager phone number status. Value=0, send SMS alarm; value=1, not send SMS alarm; default is 0

Bit4: digital input2 status SMS alarm. Value=0, not send SMS alarm; value=1 send SMS alarm; default is 0#

1. Bit3 & Bit2=00, jammer detection is disabled;

2. Bit3 & Bit2=01, jammer detection is enabled. Only send jammer alarm after network recovered, doesn't cut the engine;

3. Bit3 & Bit2=11, jammer detection is enabled. When the jammer is detected, the alarm will be triggered and saved in the tracker. At the same time the engine will be cut. After the network recovered, the alarm will be sent out;

4. The alarm code is 21. It's in 0x250x250x04 byte38




Revolutions Per Minites


Bit7:smart upload support

Bit7=1, enable

Bit7=0, disable

Bit0: in smart upload or not

Bit0 = 1: yes

Bit0 = 0: no


Battery monitoring:

bit15:always in 0, it stands for it's a rechargeable battery device

bit14~bit0: When bit15=0,it stands for how long the device is in the low battery mode.


Device Internal Temperature

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