Wialon Hosting update dd. 2013.10.23

24 octobre, 2013

Just yesterday a new series of Wialon Hosting updates was released. Step-by-step our programmers try to implement not only their own ideas, but lots of constructive suggestions, expressed by Gurtam forum readers.

Our partners, using Wialon Hosting on a daily basis, actually provide various positive and user-friendly ideas, successfully developed and introduced by our specialists.

Well, what happened to Wialon Hosting since the last update?

Firstly, we introduced the option to display event markers on the track (the same as markers, available while creating the reports). In fact, now while building the track, the report is made, cause it’s necessary not only to connect some points on the map, but analyze many other parameters. Due to this feature, the user now can see the additional information, which is necessary for him, much faster.

Secondly, in this update Gurtam developers decided to improve tooltips and make them more informative. Due to design findings, the appearance has also changed. Today the most important information is emphasized and became more readable, and the data, which is less important for the majority of users, fade away. Herewith, the user still has the possibility to choose the fields that will be displayed in a tooltip.

Wialon Hosting update dd. 23.10.2013

In order to satisfy multiple requests of our partners, we implemented another small, but extremely useful feature. From now on users can lock the upper line, like in Microsoft Excel. This option will be especially appreciated by those, who have huge number of units, geofences and other elements.

Besides the above mentioned innovations, we improved the interface for creating notifications, took the monitoring panel settings out of the user settings and added them to the additional menu. You can appreciate all these significant and small modifications right now, as well as discuss and express your opinion at Gurtam forum.

Also, in the near future Gurtam is going to introduce two new Apps, iDriveSafe (for driving behavior evaluation) and Chatterbox (effective messenger for drivers and dispatchers). Details, as usual, will be soon available in our weblog.


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