Wialon achieved a new goal — 200 000 connected units

9 juillet, 2013

oday, July 9, an extremely important event happened in Gurtam life — Wialon Data Center crossed the line of 200 000 connected units. Last summer we celebrated the appearance of 100 000 units in Wialon GPS tracking system, and it seemed to be really significant achievement. However today, just a year later, we can boast a new figure of the day — double increase of units.

Wialon achieved a new goal — 200 000 connected units

The pace of Wialon popularity growth is increasing exponentially. Specific numbers reflect the company success and achievements in the best way possible. Therefore, daily Gurtam broadens its wide partner and customer network, connecting dozens and hundreds GPS and GLONASS trackers all around the world.

This winter Gurtam received a long-awaited news — the number of units, connected to Wialon Hosting, reached 150 000. And literally, in several months, due to our specialists’ efforts, another 50 000 units were successfully connected to Wialon Hosting GPS tracking system!

200 000 connected units

Wialon popularity can also be proved by the recent survey, conducted by our specialists. The research, reflecting the brand popularity dynamics in the Internet, showed that in comparison with other most prominent companies, providing GPS tracking services in Russia, Wialon occupies the leading position.

Summing up, today Wialon doesn’t stop its development even for a minute and attracts more and more customers around the globe. And we, in turn, want to thank all Gurtam team as well as our numerous partners for their invaluable contribution to Wialon software solutions development.