Chat with Driver via GPS-navigator and Wialon

14 septembre, 2011

It is now even easier to talk and exchange data with drivers! Wialon Hosting users can not only send SMS to drivers’ personal phone number, but also communicate with them directly via navigation device connected to AVL.

This unique feature is enabled for Garmin navigation devices (e.g. Garmin nüvi 1350).To use the feature, connect it to a Ruptela FM Pro3 GPS tracker installed on the vehicle.

When Garmin nüvi 1350 and Ruptela FM Pro 3 are connected, Wialon Hosting users can send messages to the navigation device, receive replies from the driver, and send the driver the coordinates of a location on the map using the Send Coordinates command. By accepting the command, the driver uploads the coordinates to his navigation device, selects a suitable route and proceeds to his destination.

Note that your Garmin software version must be 5.40 (or newer), and your Ruptela FM PRO3 software version must be 03.00.01 (or newer) for correct operation. More details of the feature are available from our technical support service and on the Gurtam Forum.


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