Syrus Pegasus Gateway

Syrus Pegasus Gateway
Производитель: DCT
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Для того чтобы система мониторинга Wialon корректно идентифицировала данные от Syrus Pegasus Gateway в диалоге настроек объекта, укажите следующие данные :

Тип устройства: Syrus Pegasus Gateway
Уникальный ID: custom

Укажите следующие параметры в конфигурационной программе или в конфигурации Syrus Pegasus Gateway для использования его в Wialon Hosting :

Порт сервера: 20851

Всего в серверном центре Wialon используется 474 объектов Syrus Pegasus Gateway — это составляет 0.45% от общего количества устройств в категории «Протоколы и ретрансляторы».

График изменения количества подключений в серверном центре Wialon за последние 30 дней:

Имя параметра Описание Единицы измерения
valid_position GPS availability True: GPS is valid. False: GPS is not valid.
ac Instant acceleration measured in Miles/(h*s) or MPH*s.
hdop GPS Horizontal Dilution of Precision x100
vdop GPS Vertical Dilution of Precision x100
pdop GPS Position Dilution of Precision x100
source GPS Source:
    0: 2D GPS
    1: 3D GPS
    2: 2D DGPS
    3: 3D DGPS
    9: Unknown
age Age of data used for the report:
    0: Not available
    1: Older than 10 seconds
    2: Fresh, less than 10 seconds
    9: GPS Failure
mgrs Location in MGRS coordinates.
cv Counters state. Device counter 00-19
re_sense True: Enter. False: Exit.
re_type Region event's type:
    K = Circular Region
    R = Polygonal Region
re_index Region event's index:
    0 - 49 Polygonal
    0 - 99 Circular
code This is the Event Number that the device generated. It varies depending on the configuration.

c00 = Periodic test (Reports every 2 hours when the vehicle's ignition is off)
c01 = Track Point (Periodic Report with Ignition On, editable on Pegasus Interface)
c02 = Vehicle ON
c03 = Vehicle OFF
c04 = Speeding (The vehicle has exceeded the speed limit set, continuously for over 10 seconds or time set.)
c05 = Idle (The vehicle has remained still with the ignition ON for over 10 minutes.)
c06 = Out of idle state
c08 = Slow traffic (The vehicle has not traveled more than 500 meters in the last 5 minutes)
c10 = Assistance button (The button connected to input 1 has been pressed)
c11 = Input 2 activated (Input 2 has been activated. The activation has a 2 second persistence check)
c12 = Input 2 deactivated (Input 2 has been deactivated. The deactivation has a 2 second persistence check.)
c13 = Input 3 activated
c14 = Input 3 deactivated
c15 = Output 1 activated
c16 = Output 1 deactivated
c17 = Output 2 activated
c18 = Output 2 deactivated
c19 = Output short-circuit (A short circuit was detected in a standard output.)
c20 = Output short-circuit Restored (A standard output was restored from a short circuit.)
c21 = Low Back-up Power (Internal battery is below 20 percent of its total capacity.)
c22 = Power Loss (Disconnection from vehicle's power.)
c23 = Power restored (Re-connection to vehicle's power.)
c24 = GPS antenna failure (The GPS antenna is in short circuit.)
c25 = GPS antenna restored (GPS antenna restored from a short circuit.)
c26 = Simcard removed (This event will report the next time a SIM Card is introduced)
c27 = Simcard inserted
c28 = Board critical temp. (Board temperature reached the operation limit.)
c29 = Board critical temp. restored (Board temperature restored from critical level)
c30 = No GPS fix > 5 mins (GPS signal lost for more than 5 minutes.)
c31 = Immobilization ON (Report when the unit is instructed to cut off the engine. The engine will be cut off after some safety conditions are met.)
c32 = Immobilization OFF (The unit was instructed to end any cut off procedures in progress.)
c33 = Engine cut done (The safety conditions are met and the engine has been cut off (Set output 1 to high).)
c34 = Engine enabled (The unit was instructed to enable the engine again (Set output 1 to low).)
c35 = Cut pending (Report generated every 5 minutes while the unit waits for the safety conditions to cut the engine off.)
c36 = Power saving on (The unit is in power saving mode, this mode is activated after 36 hours of no movement with the ignition Off.)
c37 = Power saving off (The unit woke up from the power saving mode. The power saving mode is activated after 36 hours of no movement, ignition off and no input changes. While on power saving mode,this event is reported only every 2 hours until movement, ignition on, or an input change.)
c38 = Power saving canceled (The power saving mode was cancelled due to either a change in thyt e Power Supply, Ignition, Inputs, or Movement)
c39 = Positive acceleration threshold
c40 = Negative acceleration threshold
c41 = Voice call in progress
c42 = Position response event
event_type Event classification type:
0: unknown
1 - 99: GPS Event:
    10: EV TAIP regular events
    11: PV TAIP position & velocity
    12: RXAIT driving metrics
    13: GPS BackLog
    20: empty GPS Event (gps time = 0)
100-199: Connection Event:
    100: Keep-alive
    110: XART TAIP
    111: XARS SIM Card Operator Info
    150: Message
300: Others:
    301: Duplicate GPS Event
short_desc Managed configuration's event name.
metric Number associated with the driving metrics
    0 - Max. Acceleration
    1 - Max. Deacceleration
    2 - Max. Speed
metric_value Actual driving metric value.
metric_units Driving metric units: Miles/(h*s) or MPH*s. This key is not sent via RPC.
id Event's record ID (unique)
garm_sent Messages which were sent to GARMIN
garm_received Messages which were received from GARMIN

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