Queclink GV75

Queclink GV75
Производитель: Queclink Wireless Solutions
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Для того чтобы система мониторинга Wialon корректно идентифицировала данные от Queclink GV75 в диалоге настроек объекта, укажите следующие данные:

Тип устройства: Queclink GV75
Уникальный ID: imei

Укажите следующие параметры в конфигурационной программе или в конфигурации Queclink GV75 для использования его в Wialon Hosting:

Порт сервера: 21127

Всего в серверном центре Wialon используется 507 объектов Queclink GV75 — это составляет 0.1% от общего количества устройств в категории «Автомобильные контролеры».

График изменения количества подключений в серверном центре Wialon за последние 30 дней:

Имя параметра Описание Единицы измерения
battery The current volume of the backup battery %
call_number The phone number of the incoming call which triggers the report message
curr_hour_meter The current hour meter count h
curr_mileage The current mileage km
ext_gps_ant External GPS antenna status:
0 - is working
1 - is detected in open circuit state
3 - is in unknown state
fuel_level The fuel level
gps_acc GPS accuracy
gps_signal_status GPS signal status:
0 - lost GPS signal or no successful GPS fix
1 - GPS signal recovered and successful GPS fix
harsh_behavior Harsh behavior:
0 - harsh braking behavior
1 - harsh acceleration behavior
harsh_speed_level The speed level of which the harsh behavior is detected:
0 - unknown speed
1 - low speed
2 - medium speed
3 - high speed
h_m_count The total hour meter count h
hour_meter_count The total hour meter count h
idling The time that the vehicle has been in idling status s
ign Ignition state: 0 - off, 1 - on
ign_off_duration Duration since last time the ignition is off s
ign_on_duration Duration since last time the ignition is on s
input_id ID of the input to which the fuel sensor is connected to, 0 means connected with serial port
inputN The current logical status of the input port number N:
0 - is disable status
1 - is enable status
jamming_status The current Jamming status of the device.
1 - quit the jamming
2 - enter the jamming
mileage The total mileage km
msg_type The message ID of HEX format report
pwr_ext The voltage of the external power supply V
pwr_int The voltage of the backup battery. The value of this field is only valid when the external power is not connected V
report_type The message type of ASCII format report
motion_state The current motion state of device:
16 - Tow
1A - Fake Tow
11 - Ignition Off Rest
12 - Ignition Off Motion
21 - Ignition On Rest
22 - Ignition On Motion
41 - Sensor Rest
42 - Sensor Motion
tempN The temperature sensor number N value °C
total_hour_meter The total hour meter count h
total_mileage The total mileage km

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