Cellocator CelloTrack

Количество объектов

Особенности Cellocator CelloTrack:
  • Наличие черного ящика
  • Встроенный одометр
Поддержано в Wialon:
  • Аналоговые датчики
  • Управляющие команды по GPRS
  • Цифровые датчики
  • Связь через TCP

Для того чтобы система мониторинга Wialon корректно идентифицировала данные от Cellocator CelloTrack в диалоге настроек объекта, укажите следующие данные :

Тип устройства: Cellocator CelloTrack
Уникальный ID: serial
Пароль доступа к объекту: Конфигурационный пароль доступа к объекту

Укажите следующие параметры в конфигурационной программе или в конфигурации Cellocator CelloTrack для использования его в Wialon Hosting :

Порт сервера: 20217

Всего в серверном центре Wialon используется 1537 объектов Cellocator CelloTrack — это составляет 0.08% от общего количества устройств в категории «Автомобильные контролеры».

График изменения количества подключений в серверном центре Wialon за последние 30 дней:

Имя параметра Описание Единицы измерения
adc Analog input sensor
mcc Mobile Country Code
mnc Mobile Network Code
lac Location Area Code
cell_id cell ID
flag Current GSM Operator (2 nd and 3 rd Nibbles)
unit_status 0 bit - Communication with GPS is 1 - available / 0 - not available
1 bit - Network (0 - Home, 1 - Roam)
2 bit - Correct Time (1 - Invalid/estimated time stamp, 0 – Valid time stamp)
3 bit - Source of Speed (0 – GPS, 1 – Pulse frequency input)
reason Transmission Reason Specific Data
reason_data Transmission Reason
pwr_int The voltage on the internal battery
pwr_ext External power supply voltage
services Bit 0 - Actual GNSS antenna selected (0 – Internal, 1 – External). (Relevant only for Cello GNSS variants)
Bit 1 - Trailer status indication. (0 – Trailer Disconnected, 1 – Trailer

Bit 2 - 4 - CFE Type.
Bit 4 Bit 3 Bit 2 CFE Type
0 0 0 Not Applicable (Legacy state)
0 0 1 CFE is not connected
0 1 0 CFE BT is connected
0 1 1 CFE Basic is connected
1 0 0 CFE I/O is connected
1 0 1 CFE premium is connected
1 1 1 Undefined CFE Type

unit_mode Unit Mode of Operation. The functioning of the unit can be generalized as a finite state machine model, with a few "stages" of operation. The "current stage" is referred to as "unit mode", or "mode of operation", as following:

Value Unit Mode Description
0x00 Standby Engine On
0x01 Standby Engine Off
0x02 Passive Arming (for security modifications)
0x03 Pre-Arming (for security modifications)
0x04 Alarm Armed (for security modifications)
0x05 Silent Delay (for security modifications)
0x07 Alarm Triggered (for security modifications)
0x0E Garage Mode
0x0F Transmissions Delay (for FW versions older than 25)
0x10 Towed mode (same as Standby Engine On, but with ignition off)
mode1, mode2 MODE 1 and Mode 2
These fields are generated by the GPS and transparently monitored in the outgoing message from the unit. The fields define the validity of GPS data in the message. The unit considers the valid fix according to the "Enable Tight GPS PMODE Filter" parameter (address 509, bit 7):
 If "Enable Tight GPS PMODE Filter" is enabled, the unit considers the GPS data as valid only if Mode 1 = 3 or 4 AND Mode 2 = 2
 If "Enable Tight GPS PMODE Filter" is disabled, the unit considers the GPS data as valid only if Mode 1 =2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
odom Mileage Counter (Odometer)
t8fwd_#_# Prefix the naming of the parameters from the message of type 8 (Forwarded message).
If the protocol of the connected device provides for the transfer of the model name, it will be added to the prefix. For example: t8fwd_modelName_#.
Last part of the parameter name is the name of the parameter that the device sends.

curr_odo_count Current Odometer Count
curr_trip_fuel_cons Current Trip Fuel Consumption (100 ml resolution)

fuel_tank_lvl_ml Fuel Tank Level (100 ml resolution)

fuel_tank_lvl_pc Fuel Tank Level
dlt_eng_hours_trip Delta engine hours in this trip Minutes
inputs Inputs status (Bits 1 - 32):
1 Bit - Door;
2 Bit - Shock;
3 Bit - 5 Bit - reserv;
6 Bit - Driving Status (Ignition or accelerometer based)
7 Bit - 14 Bit - reserv;
15 Bit - Accelerometer status;
16 Bit - Ignition port status;
17 Bit - 18 Bit - reserv;
19 Bit - Grad. Stop;
20 Bit - GPS Power;
21 Bit - 24 Bit - reserv;
25 Bit - LED out;
26 Bit - 27 Bit - reserv;
28 Bit - Blinkers;
29 Bit - reserv;
30 Bit - Standard Immobilizer;
31 Bit - reserv;
32 Bit - Charger status.

outputs Outputs status (Bits 1 - 16):
1 Bit - 2 Bit - reserv;
3 Bit - Grad. Stop;
4 Bit - GPS Power;
5 Bit - 8 Bit - reserv;
9 Bit - LED out;
10 Bit - 11 Bit - reserv;
12 Bit - Blinkers;
13 Bit - reserv;
14 Bit - Standard Immobilizer;
15 Bit - reserv;
16 Bit - Charger status.

Speed. (Fractional value)


Course (Fractional value)


Vehicle driver code


Calibration Status: 0-Ready, OR 1-Currently Calibrating


Type of the incomming message


This field monitors a timestamp, when the GPS was last in navigation mode.

NOTE: The easiest way to define if the GPS data in the message is valid and updated, or historical, is to compare between the time of the timestamps and UTC time

Format: day-hour-minute


Sequence number of message


This is a bitmapped field, which contains flags that provide information about the message and the situation in which it was originated. For more information, see the protocol.


Unit’s hardware version (full data)


Legacy HW ID (Please see description in the protocol: Unit’s Hardware, Firmware and Protocol Versions )


HW Type (representation in decimal form)


Unit’s software version (representation in decimal form)


Modem code


Unit’s software version


Protocol Version


AR Functionality Enabled

0 - Fleet base

1 - AR functionality added to Fleet


Feature package:

0 = Old/Legacy (not to be used in new units)

1 = "IQ30"

2 = "IQ40"

3 = "IQ50"



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