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Особенности GNX-5P:
  • Наличие черного ящика
  • Встроенный одометр
Поддержано в Wialon:
  • Цифровые датчики
  • Связь через UDP
  • Управляющие команды по GPRS
  • Идентификация водителя
  • Данные с CAN-шины
  • Поддержка Garmin

Для того чтобы система мониторинга Wialon корректно идентифицировала данные от GNX-5P в диалоге настроек объекта, укажите следующие данные:

Тип устройства: GNX-5P
Уникальный ID: serial

Укажите следующие параметры в конфигурационной программе или в конфигурации GNX-5P для использования его в Wialon Hosting:

Порт сервера: 20808

Всего в серверном центре Wialon используется 99 объектов GNX-5P — это составляет 0.02% от общего количества устройств в категории «Автомобильные контролеры».

График изменения количества подключений в серверном центре Wialon за последние 30 дней:

Имя параметра Описание Единицы измерения
avg_speed Speed average used for state determination km/h
calls_supported Current services supported by the cellular modem
delta_odometer Delta odometer from prior event m
ext_adc External A2D convertor input voltage. May be used for peripherals such as temperature sensor V
ext_temp_1 Temperature of external probe connected to input #1 of Sensatronics IT temperature model F RS232 convertor °C
ext_temp_2 Temperature of external probe connected to input #2 of Sensatronics IT temperature model F RS232 convertor °C
fw_vers Firmware version
iccid The ICCID of the modem SIM card
idle_time Duration of idling (speed < STOP_SPEED and ignition on) min
ign Ignition state
j1708_ambient_temp Temperature of air surrounding vehicle
j1708_auxioN Auxiliary I/O Status #N
j1708_cargo_temp Temperature of air inside vehicle container used to accommodate cargo
j1708_coolant_temp Temperature of liquid found in engine cooling system
j1708_d_fuel_cons Delta Fuel Used from prior event
j1708_d_fuel_cons_n Delta Natural Gas Fuel Used from prior event
j1708_drv_odometer Derived Odometer
j1708_dtc J1708/J1939 DTC Event. The JBox detected a change in the J1708/J1939 Diagnostic Trouble Codes
j1708_eng_load Ratio of current output torque to maximum torque available at the current engine speed %
j1708_eng_speed Rotation velocity of crankshaft rpm
j1708_eng_throttle Ratio of actual accelerator pedal position to maximum pedal position %
j1708_fuel_cons Derived Fuel Usage
j1708_fuel_cons_ng Derived Natural Gas Fuel Usage
j1708_fuel_econ Instantaneous Fuel Economy
j1708_fuel_econ_ng Instantaneous Natural Gas Fuel Economy
j1708_odometer Odometer
j1708_pto_engag_st PTO Engagement Control Status
j1708_pto_st Power Takeoff Status
j1708_speed The speed of the vehicle
j1708_status Current Vehicle Bus Status
j1939_auxadc0 Auxiliary ADC #1
j1939_auxadc1 Auxiliary ADC #2
j1939_auxio0 Auxiliary I/O (00 = Off, 01 = On, Else = NA): 4-1
j1939_auxio1 Auxiliary I/O (00 = Off, 01 = On, Else = NA): 8-5
j1939_auxio2 Auxiliary I/O (00 = Off, 01 = On, Else = NA): 12-9
j1939_auxio3 Auxiliary I/O (00 = Off, 01 = On, Else = NA): 16-13
j1939_pto_st J1939 PTO State
jbus_seat_belt_st Seat Belt Status (Unbuckled, Buckled, Error, NA)
jfuel_level0 Primary Fuel Level %
jfuel_level1 Secondary Fuel Level %
jidle_hours Total Idle Hours
jtotal_fuel Total Fuel Used
jtotal_hours Total Engine Hours
jtotal_idle_fuel Total Idle Fuel Used
jtotal_idle_ng_fuel Total Natural Gas Idle Fuel Used
jtotal_ng_fuel Total Natural Gas Fuel Used
landmark_bearing Bearing from above landmark °
landmark_dist Distance from above landmark km
landmark Name of closest landmark, if one is defined
odometer GNX odometer km
pdop PDOP (Position Dilution of Precision)
phone_number The phone number of the cellular modem (or SIM card)
pwr_supply GNX primary power supply voltage level V
reason_code The reason that caused the GNX to queue this event (number)
reason The reason that caused the GNX to queue this event (text)
region Name of region (boundary) in which the GNX is located
rssi Current received signal strength of the cellular modem dBm
sec_cnt Linear second count of the number of seconds since the GNX last powered on
serial_num 12 digit GenX Mobile assigned serial number. A unique identifier for a GNX
sid Current serving system identifier of the cellular modem
state MOVING, IDLING, or PARKED, based on parameters STOP_SPEED, MOVE_SPEED, STOP_TIMER, MOVE_TIMER, and the ignition input
stop_dur Stop duration min
switch_N Current state of switch input (ON/OFF). N - number of input
temp Internal GNX temperature °C
unique_id Integer that increments with each position sent, to allow unique identification of each position
wire_ext_tempN External 1 wire temperature sensor value °C or °F (depends on the 1 Wire configuration)

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