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Gurtam Solutions for GPS Vehicle Tracking

Wialon family of products is the ultimate playground for intelligent GPS tracking and fleet management. Wialon GPS fleet tracking software has a rich functional set allowing various companies to meet their customers' needs in the field of GPS tracking and fleet management, service vehicle fleets easily equipped with different tracking devices as Gurtam fleet management software utilizes a powerful set of technologies to keep companies aware of the vehicle's whereabouts, condition, status and geographical location.

Wialon Hosting is an extremely popular web-based GPS fleet tracking system. Thanks to the 'SaaS' modality (Software as a Service) Wialon Hosting allows you to start own tracking business without requiring any additional investments in the software development. Usually, Wialon Hosting GPS tracking software platform is taken on a lease to provide a full set of tracking functionality that perfectly meets the needs of your business in the field of GPS vehicle tracking.

However, if security policy and other reasons prevent customers from using Wialon Hosting Saas solution, we can offer Wialon Local a GPS tracking system, installed at the customer's server. Moreover, Wialon Local allows not only to track small-sized car fleets, but also to service several transportation companies hosting their data on one server.

Once you have decided on Wialon Local or Wialon Hosting, you get not only the GPS tracking software - but also the free-of-charge and time-unlimited technical support, the assistance in software customization and the guidelines on how to operate the software.

Also, with Wialon commercial GPS tracking systems you can enjoy the opportunity being a member of the biggest network of experts in LBS (Location Based Services) and GPS vehicle tracking services. Among all the other benefits, it provides you with an opportunity of sharing the ideas and insights with other Gurtam partners, to participate in Wialon improvement development and meet other professionals of telematics sphere at regular conferences held by Gurtam. Nowadays, Wialon is used by 889 companies that provide GPS tracking services. Thousands of users simultaneously track online the target vehicles and other mobile units with Wialon.

Fleet GPS tracking system Wialon Hosting Fleet Management System

Wialon Hosting is offered in SaaS mode in a multi-customer environment, helping automate virtually all aspects of your GPS tracking business. Wialon Hosting is considered to be one of the most cost-effective solutions allowing you to manage the fleets without a significant investments that are normally required for maintaining own server. Wialon Hosting software platform is the latest multi-function solution for GPS fleet tracking developed by Gurtam.

Wialon Local is ultimate GPS and GLONASS tracking system. Smartly combines rich functional capabilities and can be installed on the customers' servers. It is developed mainly for service providers, having from one hundred to several thousand units. Suitable for providing operator services as well as installation on the client's server.

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