GPS-Trace was developed by Gurtam team as a free service for personal tracking. The service provides you with accurate location of your kids, family pets or vehicles. A single GPS-Trace account allows you to connect up to 2 devices, which is typically enough to track the whole family.

User-friendly interface, easy-to-understand functions and stable operation – everything you need to make everyday personal tracking easy.

GPS-Trace features

All units mapping
Online notifications
Stops, parkings and other event markers on the map
E-mail alerts in case of speed limit violations
E-mail alerts in case of connection loss
Track building and playback

GPS Trace in figures





Use GPS Trace

There’s no need to buy expensive GPS hardware – use your smartphone. Specially designed to work with Gurtam products GPS Trace free mobile application turns your smartphone, tablet or any other mobile device, into a full-fledged GPS tracker.

GPS Trace is available for Android and iOS users.