Wialon Local Components

Wialon Local GPS tracking system, as well as other Gurtam products, has modular structure, i.e. you can choose additional system elements that will help you to solve the particular tasks of your own business.

Basic Wialon Local license for 100 connected units includes online tracking of vehicles’ movement and technical condition, as well as monitoring additional sensors installed inside the vehicle for unlimited number of users. Cartographic server WebGIS allows highlighting any number of geofences, using regular maps (OSM, Google, Yandex, Bing, Navteq), adding your personal vector maps and maps from exterior providers. Embedded data storage system Wialon DB keeps all the telematics data from units, connected to GPS and GLONASS tracking system.

Basic Wialon Local package also includes administering system, SDK module, support of devices by using Wialon Retranslator/Wialon IPS protocols, as well as protocols of 3 other hardware manufacturers at your choice.

Other components can be connected separately, so you can choose any particular options, suitable for your business. If you want to increase the number of units tracked, you can order an extended package which contains 25 additional units. The cost of Wialon Local totally depends on the number of units you need to track and the functional modules you want to add. For more information on our rates, please complete the "Request a Quote" form.

Wialon Local additional modules

Basic reports The module allows making different analytical reports and charts on different parameters, detected in GPS tracking system. The reports are generated based on the reports templates and parameters set. They can include any number of tables and charts and display the information over the set period of time. There are options to print the reports and also to export them into HTML, PDF, Еxcel, XML or CSV.
Advanced Reports Advanced Reports allow generating reports on the unit groups, drivers, or the system users. As standard reports, they are generated based on the report templates and can display any information registered in the system.
Fuel control The possibility to use fuel sensors in GPS tracking system and calculate fuel level and fuel consumption.
Notifications Notifications allow receiving the information messages about any activity of a unit (exceeding the speed limits, leaving the geofences, changes in sensor values, etc). A notification can be sent by e-mail, SMS, or displayed online in a popup window.
Jobs Jobs allow the system to perform automatically (at regular intervals or according to the schedule) a specific set of actions. For example, a job can be generating reports and sending reports by e-mail, or executing a command over a unit.
Service Intervals Service intervals allow creating an automated schedule of vehicle maintenance tasks by mileage and/or operating hours and/or time for each vehicle and automatically receive notifications when needed. The service plan can be created based on the mileage and/or operating hours.
Routes This module allows to create routes and track a unit passing the route with definite check points in predefined or arbitrary order, at definite time or without any strict schedule. This data is available both: online and in reports, meant for further analyses.
Trailers Module provides the possibility to track any trailed units or additional implements, attached to the main vehicle and not equipped with a separate tracker or controller. Module helps to control attaching/detaching of trailers, as well as to define the position of the attached trailer on the map.
Drivers This module is very convenient in case when there are several drivers for one unit. The system allows viewing the information about drivers (name, phone number, photo, etc), assigning drivers to units, and generating reports on who and when drives a unit.
Wialon Mobile Wialon Mobile is an additional interfaces of GPS tracking system, designed for working with smartphone or tablet PC. For more details, read the documentation.
ActiveX The module ActiveX allows connecting to Wialon GPS tracking server through TCP/IP session (Internet or LAN) from different OLE applications such as 1C, Excel, Visual Basic, Word, or any HTML page.
Hardware +1 The possibility to use GPS and GLONASS devices from one more additional hardware manufacturer at you choice.
Retranslator +1 Retranslator is used to transmit the data from Wialon tracking units to other GPS tracking systems in real time. One additional retranslation protocol is supported.
Personal Design The module allows creating the unique design for your GPS tracking system, changing interface fonts and interface tonalities.
Modem connection The possibility to connect GSM or SMPP modem for sending SMS and commands.
Extra Site The module allows connecting your GPS tracking system to additional website. This may be necessary if any of your customers or dealers wants to use Wialon Local on his own website. If Extra Site module is enabled, Wialon Local starts working on the second site with all set of functions and modules used on the main site.
Gurtam Maps Gurtam Maps is a native Gurtam cartographic service, located in Wialon Data Center. The system covers 100% of world territory. Our specialists administer, constantly update and add new maps.
Backup server Real-time backup server providing continuous data protection of the main server and substituting it when needed.