ATrack is a developer and manufacturer of telematics equipment. The company was founded in 2010 in Taiwan. Nowadays ATrack closely cooperates with major companies in the area of M2M technologies and expands client network.

ATrack products are used for vehicle management and control, as well as for stationary assets tracking. Most of ATrack devices are integrated with Wialon.

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Boîtier GPSDynamiqueNombre total des unités
1ATrack AK7S2561298
2ATrack AU71071033
3ATrack AL1159166
4ATrack AS143174
5ATrack AP142109
6ATrack AK113393
7ATrack AL117486
8ATrack AK75151
9ATrack AX95382
10ATrack AT5i412
11ATrack AY5i18
12ATrack AX7P133
13ATrack AU5i055
14ATrack AX1100
15ATrack AS1100
16ATrack AS3-166
17ATrack AL7-2450
18ATrack AX7-345214
19ATrack AT5W-62208
20ATrack AX5-96441
21ATrack AK1-lite-1223807
22ATrack AT1E Pro-1651842