New Version of Wialon Hosting GPS Tracking System Released

1 août, 2011

A new version of Wialon Hosting has come to Wialon Data Center on he July 31. This is the most significant update to Wialon Hosting for the last eighteen months. The key feature is a new GPS tracking system interface, friendlier and more functional than ever.

Familiar dialog boxes, windows and panels are getting new shape and color. Now you can move many of them, e.g. toolbars or notification windows, to whatever position on the screen suits you best. All icons and pictograms have been redesigned to be more intuitive and recognizable.

Some control elements have changed their location. For example, the map menu has been moved to the top panel, the button for expanding the mini map menu has been relocated the lower panel. The clock is now in the top left corner. There is now a dedicated button for accessing Wialon options.

Wialon Hosting users can also appreciate changes brought by the second version of Wialon Mobile. The application is designed for accessing a simplified Wialon interface on mobile devices running Android and iOS.

With Wialon Mobile you can:

  • Display the current position of monitored units on the map,
  • see unit tracks based on the last five messages,
  • filter units dynamically by name,
  • view unit status and characteristics,
  • follow moving units on the map.

Besides the new interface design and new Wialon Mobile version, this Wialon Hosting update includes the following features:

  • Users can now group closely located POIs, the same way as units. If the POIs are located very close to each other, they will be displayed with one icon.
  • In the report mode, users can group event icons on the map.
  • The external URL connection system has been improved. This simplifies system setup and reduces the cost of Extra Site extension package used by many companies. The package is now available at just 20 euros a month (not 60 euro a month as before).
  • In the live monitoring mode, you can now see through the driver’s eyes: a Google Street View mini window has been added to the lowerright-hand corner of the screen.


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