Differential Fuel Flow Meter DFМ

Vendor of differential fuel flow meter DFМ is Technoton.

Differential fuel meter DFМ is used to measure the fuel consumption of vehicles, where it is not possible to apply the single-chamber diesel meter and the installation scheme with the return fuel line ringing.

Differential fuel flow meter DFМ Specifications:

Differential Fuel Flow Meter DFМ
  • Connecting thread, М14х1,5
  • Nominal pressure, MPa, 0,2
  • MAX pressure, MPa, 2,5
  • Supply voltage, V, 10-50
  • Overvoltage protection, V, ≤100
  • Current consumption, mA, ≤ 25 (12 V), ≤ 50 (24 V)
  • Operating temperature, °C, -40... +80;