Micron Prime ONE

Micron Prime ONE
Fabricante: Micron
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Características Micron Prime ONE:
  • 3G

Para que el sistema de rastreo Wialon identifique los datos de Micron Prime ONE en el diálogo de configuración de la unidad, indique los siguientes datos:

Tipo de dispositivo: Micron Prime ONE
ID único: imei

Indique los siguientes parámetros en el programa de configuración o en la configuración Micron Prime ONE para utilizarlos en Wialon Hosting:

Puerto del servidor: 21203

En el centro de servicio Wialon se utilizan 166 unidades Micron Prime ONE — es 0.52% de la cantidad total de dispositivos Personal conectados.

La gráfica representa la cantidad de conexiones en el centro de servicio Wialon en los últimos 30 días:

Nombre del parámetro Descripción Unidades de medida
gps_acc GPS accuracy
battery The current volume of the backup battery %
report_type Type of report:
Type of the report:
FRI - Fixed Report Information
GEO - Geo-Fence Information
SPD - Speed Alarm
SOS - SOS report
RTO - Real Time Operation
PNL - The first location after the device powers on
NMR - Non movement is detected by motion sensor
DIS - The status of digital input is detected being changed
HIS - History report
INF - Device Information Report
WIF - WLAN Information Report
GPS - The report for real time operation GPS
CID - The report for real time operation CID
CSQ - The report for real time operation CSQ
VER - The report for real time operation VER
PNA - Power on report
PFA - Power off report
EPN - The report for connecting external power supply
EPF - The report for disconnecting external power supply
BPL - Battery low report
BTC - Start charging report
STC - Stop charging report
STT - Device motion state indication
PDP - Mobile Data Service PDP connect report
SWG - Switch on or off Geo-Fence 0 via function key
GSM - The report for the information of the service cell and the neighbor cells.
GSI - G-sensor Information Report
inputN The current logical status of the input port number N:
0 - is disable status
1 - is enable status
call_number The phone number of the incoming call which initiates this report
power_percent The current volume of the backup battery %
iccid The ICCID of the SIM card
temp The temperature of the Device °C
lightness The lightness level
pwr_int The voltage of the battery V
csq_rssi The GSM signal strength level. The range is 0-31, 99 for unknown
csq_ber The quality of the GSM signal. The range is 0-7, 99 for unknown
dev_type The type of device
soft_ver The software version
hard_ver The hardware version
is_pwr_ext Whether the external power supply is connected.
0 - not connected
1 - connected
charging Whether the backup battery is charging when the main power supply is connected.
0 - not charging
1 - charging
led_on Indicate whether the LED’s are turned on
backup_baterry The voltage of the battery V
motion_state The current motion state of device:
21 - The device attached vehicle is ignition on and motionless
22 - The device attached vehicle is ignition on and moving.
41 - The device is motionless without ignition on
42 - The device is moving without ignition on
motion_state_chg The state of the device changed:
0 - from motion to rest;
1 - from rest to motion.
light_state The lightness state:
0: Report after the GPS fixing finished of timeout.
1: Lightness is greater than the bright threshold (Device from dark place to light place).
2: Lightness is less than the dark threshold (Device from light place to dark place).
mcc Mobile country code
mnc Mobile network code
lac Location area code
cell_id Cell ID
ext_pow_sup Whether the external power supply is connected:
0 - Not connected
1 - Connected
gps_on_need GPS on need
ext_gps_ant GPS antenna type

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