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Gurtam-Galileosky webinar: Eco Drive with Easy Logic

21 marzo, 2018

One of the features of Galileosky tracking units – Eco Drive, which allows receiving data of sharp braking, sharp turns, accelerations, compliance with the speed limit, etc. How to use these data to correct the driving style in real-time? Join the webinar to get the answers to this and other questions.

The event will be held by Galileosky technical support engineer and Gurtam technical specialist.

On the webinar you will find out:

• How to configure a tracker properly to get full data on data driver quality;
• How to enhance Eco Drive function with the help of Easy Logic;
• How to use Wialon Eco Driving module efficiently;
• How to choose the necessary parameters to get a comprehensive Eco Driving report in Wialon.

Date: Wednesday, 28 March

Time: 12:00 p.m. (GMT)

Each participant of the webinar will be able to get answers to questions in the live chat.

Please, register to make sure you get a place: https://events.webinar.ru/1432983/1007035 


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