Azimuth WIFI 5

Azimuth WIFI 5
Fabricante: Rateos
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Características Azimuth WIFI 5:
  • Caja negra
  • Soporta GLONASS
Soportado en Wialon:
  • Sensores ADC
  • Manejo remote via GPRS
  • Sensores Digitales

Para que el sistema de rastreo Wialon identifique los datos de Azimuth WIFI 5 en el diálogo de configuración de la unidad, indique los siguientes datos:

Tipo de dispositivo: Azimuth WIFI 5
ID único: The last 4 digits of serial number of your Azimuth WiFi 5 vehicle tracker

Indique los siguientes parámetros en el programa de configuración o en la configuración Azimuth WIFI 5 para utilizarlos en Wialon Hosting:

Puerto del servidor: 20890

En el centro de servicio Wialon se utilizan 0 unidades Azimuth WIFI 5 — es 0% de la cantidad total de dispositivos Automóvil conectados.

La gráfica representa la cantidad de conexiones en el centro de servicio Wialon en los últimos 30 días:

Nombre del parámetro Descripción Unidades de medida
acc Gradation battery voltage 0 - 4
adcX Analog sensor, X - number of sensor
balance Balance of subscriber
btnX Code iButton N3 and N4 , X - number of iButton
can_ff Full fuel consumption l
can_f Flags of states
can_fl Level of fuel in the tank %
can_pr Total mileage
can_pX , X - number of sensor
can_tc Engine temperature °C
can_wt The complete operating time of the engine h
canX Value of CAN, X - identifier of a message
cntX Frequency sensor, X - number of sensor
coruu_X Instant value of the phase active power, X - number of phase
delay Time with you last press operator on any of the buttons s
driver_id The value of the RFID reader
etope_X Energy consumed by tariff, X - number of tariff
fl1 Status bit
frequ The value of the mains frequency
fuel_llcX Fuel sensor, X - number of sensor
ign Ignition status
keyX iButton key, X - number of key
llcX Fuel sensor, X - number of sensor
nav_des Type of navigation solution
pict Date/Time of creation a photo
power The instantaneous value of the total active power
powpp_X The angles between vectors voltage phases, 1 - A and B, 2 - B and C, 3 - C and A
report_type Event that triggered the formation of the report
rfid_event Event of RFID reader
sats_glonass Number of satellites Glonass
sats_gps Number of satellites GPS
status User status
stay_balance Status of balance
tempX Temperature sensor, X - number of sensor °C
time_valid Time valid status
tpX Fuel sensor, X - number of sensor
ver Firmware version
volta_X The RMS voltage, X - number of phase

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