Skywave IDP-800

Skywave IDP-800
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Características Skywave IDP-800:
  • Terminal satelital
Soportado en Wialon:
  • Sensores ADC
  • Sensores Digitales

Para que el sistema de rastreo Wialon identifique los datos de Skywave IDP-800 en el diálogo de configuración de la unidad, indique los siguientes datos:

Tipo de dispositivo: Skywave IDP-800
ID único: serial

En el centro de servicio Wialon se utilizan 18 unidades Skywave IDP-800 — es 0.06% de la cantidad total de dispositivos Rastreador de activos conectados.

La gráfica representa la cantidad de conexiones en el centro de servicio Wialon en los últimos 30 días:

The IDP-800 terminals use the two-way Inmarsat IsatDataPro satellite service for remotely managing assets anywhere in the world.

Main features of Skywave IDP-800:

    Satellite communication:
  • Two-way IsatDataPro satellite service
  • Global coverage
  • Up to 6.4 kB from-mobile message size
  • Up to 10 kB to-mobile message size
  • External interfaces:
  • 3 Analog or Digital In/Out
  • 1 RS232
  • Battery options:
  • Rechargeable, NiMH
  • Non-rechargeable, LiFeS2
  • Antenna options:
  • Low profile, built-in
  • Low profile, external
  • Low elevation, external
  • Customisation:
  • Lua-based plugins
  • Environmental:
  • -40°C to +85°C operating temperature
  • IP67 dust and water ingress
  • Other features:
  • В Capable to operate 2+ years without replacing batteries
  • Built-in accelerometer, shock detection
  • Battery can be used as a main or backup power source

Skywave IDP-800 should be setup before it could be connected to Wialon GPS tracking software. Please find below pre-configured packages:

  • IDP-800 with panic button and/or a door sensor
  • This profile contains a document, which combines information on basic and advanced configurations. Basic instruction is for readers with no technical background to ensure successful basic installation and operation of IDP 800 series terminals with a panic button and/or a door sensor. Advanced installation is meant for software developers and technical project leaders working in organizations configuring AVL Agent service using IDP 800 series mobile devices.

Evaluation Kits are available for testing. Other packages could be pre-configured upon request. Contact SkyWave for more information.

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