Wialon Hosting Components

All significant Wialon Hosting functional modules are activated right after installing the system, as the additional components are mainly intended to make your GPS tracking system unique and to distinguish it among competitors.

Basic Wialon Hosting allows to connect GPS tracking devices with any number of sensors. Their quantity can be increased right after installing Wialon Hosting or later, at any time. If you want to do this, you can order a bump pack which contains 50 additional units.

Also, if you buy Wialon Hosting license, besides its main interface you automatically get access to the simplified version Wialon Hosting Lite, containing only basic and most popular Wialon Hosting functions.

Wialon Hosting has no limit of tracked units.

Basic Wialon Hosting

Wialon Hosting
Telematics Server

The system can use OSM, Google, Bing, Navteq and other maps. Any number of geofences can be added to the map. Features of Wialon Hosting include tasks that system can run automatically on event or by a schedule; editable template-based reports and charts; SMS or email alerts and notifications.

Additional functionality for vehicle tracking include fuel consumption monitoring; "service book" for each vehicle with possibility to setup maintenance reminders; controllable routes with check points; management of vehicles used by several drivers who use a uniform identifier.

At the control panel of Wialon Hosting you can manage customers' accounts, and use billing system, to charge customers differently for different usage of GPS tracking system. Track history of every vehicle is stored for three months.

Basic Wialon Hosting package also includes SDK module. The set of software development tools allows to create custom applications based on Wialon Hosting. SDK provides with the possibility to connect your interface to the tracking system, to access the data and expand the Wialon Hosting functionality by developing new custom applications based on the telematics data from Wialon Hosting.

Wialon Hosting Additional Components

Premium Package Premium package enables you to use some additional options missing in Basic Wialon Hosting. Such as user interface personalization, higher level of technical support, opportunity to use your own maps which are not available for other Wialon Hosting users, ability to transmit telematics data from Wialon Hosting to other GPS tracking systems in real time. Besides there is the opportunity to personalize GPS devices integrated in Wialon with your logo (hardware rebranding).
Advanced Reports Advanced Reports allow generating reports on the unit groups, drivers, or the system users. As standard reports, they are generated based on the report templates and can display any information registered in the system.
Routes Routes are included Premium package and provide Wialon users with the opportunity to track a unit passing the route with definite check points in predefined or arbitrary order, at definite time or without any strict schedule.
Wialon Mobile Wialon Mobile is additional interfaces for the GPS tracking system. They are designed to control and track units from mobile phone or Pocket PC. For further information use Wialon Mobile v1 documentation, Wialon Mobile v2 documentation and Wialon Mobile v1, Wialon Mobile v2 demo.
Apps Apps is the instrument for placing and activation of third-party applications, which can solve various issues, unrealized within the main functionality of Wialon Hosting. Any user can design and develop his own applications on the basis of SDK module in Wialon Hosting. The list of currently available apps you can find on Apps.wialon.com
Extra Site The module allows connecting your GPS tracking system to additional website. This may be necessary if any of your customers or dealers wants to use Wialon Hosting on his own website. If Extra Site module is enabled, Wialon Hosting starts working on the second site with all set of functions and modules used on the main site.
ActiveX ActiveX allows connecting to Wialon server through TCP/IP session (Internet or LAN) from different OLE applications such as 1C, Excel, Visual Basic, Word, etc. Also it allows simultaneously servicing unlimited number of clients, connected to different Wialon servers through ActiveX.
1 Year of Unit History Storage The module allows keeping the history about tracked units for 400 days.
Individual Tariffing The module allows creating separate GPS tracking system configurations for different users.
500 Messages 500 prepaid SMS for sending notifications to Wialon Hosting users.
Trailers Module provides the possibility to track any trailed units or additional implements, attached to the main vehicle and not equipped with a separate tracker or controller. Module helps to control attaching/detaching of trailers, as well as to define the position of the attached trailer on the map.
Personal Design The module allows creating the unique design for your GPS tracking system, changing interface fonts and interface tonalities. Personal Design module is accessible only with Premium package.