Tachograph VDO 1381

Vendor: Continental Corporation.

The DTCO® 1381 digital tachograph, with its system components, is an EC recording device that complies with the technical specifications according to the EEC and AETR regulations.

The DTCO® 1381 digital tachograph is manufactured for each specific lineup. It provides 100% efficiency of the vehicle since each version of DTCO® 1381 is pretty much vehicle’s original component.

The DTCO® 1381 digital tachograph version is also available for dangerous goods vehicles and coplies with the requirements of ADR and ATEX.

The DTCO® 138 recognises and corrects via the new speed sensor (KITAS® 2+) external interferences and so its protects the interface between vehicle and signal sender against manipulations.

The DTCO® 1381 digital tachograph is fully compatible with Wialon Hosting solution.

Moreover tachograph VDO 1381 is fully integrated with Wialon Hosting.

*Using Ruptela and Teltonika devices, remote DDD-files downloading is implemented through a special application (download .zip).

**Using BCE FM Tacho, remote DDD-files downloading is implemented through BCE application. Request the details from the manufacturer.

Compatible devices supported in Wialon:

Image Name Port Vendor Category
20268 GalileoSky Vehicle
Ruptela FM Tco3 Ruptela FM Tco3, Tco4 20444
Ruptela Vehicle

BCE FM Tacho 21229 BCE Vehicle
4 Navtelecom SMART Navtelecom Signal S-2551

20740 Navtelecom Vehicle
Teltonika FM5300,
FMB630, FM6320

Teltonika Vehicle

Key benefits of the DTCO® 1381 digital tachograph:

  • VDO Counter:
    The integrated VDO Counter offers the driver by request a quick overview about his current driving and rest times. So it supports by daily planning of routes and driving and rest times. The VDO Counter also provides clear information about the remaining weekly driving time. A kind of personal assistant, the VDO Counter keeps the driver constantly posted;
  • User-friendly menu:
    Daily driver card inserting is very easy: the device will suggest the variants (rest, work periods) and the driver should only press “OK” button for several time;
  • Convenient buttons location:
    Special keyboard layout prevents drivers from miss pressing;
  • Integrated printer:
    Integrated printer for printing out legally prescribed reports, graphical speed profiles, status and activity protocols. Easy paper roll insert;
  • Operating temperature:
    The DTCO® 1381 digital tachograph can operate in wide temperature range: from -25 °C to +70 °C;
  • Anti-glare filter of the display:
    Anti-glare filter of the display and backlit provides high readability in any conditions.