Tachograph Mercury TA-001

Vendor: Incotex.

Mercury TA-001 tachograph provides continuous and non-adjustable vehicle speed and distance recording. The device should be installed on M2, M3, N2, N3 vehicle categories.

Mercury TA-001 tachograph is certified and satisfies Russian legal requirements.

Mercury TA-001 tachograph is fully compatible with SaaS Wialon Hosting solution.

Compatible devices supported in Wialon:

Image Name Port Vendor Category
GALILEOSKY v 5.0 20268 GalileoSky Vehicle
2 Navtelecom Signal S-2550
Navtelecom Signal S-2550
20871 Navtelecom
3 Navtelecom Signal S-2551 Navtelecom Signal S-2551
20740 Navtelecom
4 Navtelecom SMART Navtelecom SMART 20966 Navtelecom Vehicle

Mercury TA-001 Tachograph Key Benefits:

  • extended operating voltage range from 8 till 35 W;
  • a big crashworthy graphic display with a handy multiline menu and user-friendly interface;
  • GPS/GLONASS and GPRS-modem provides an opportunity of tachograph integration with fleet management systems;
  • voice and SMS communication;
  • remote data download using GPRS channel;
  • enables the connection of additional sensors, such as speeding, fuel, temperature and pressure sensors through RS-485 and RS-232 interface standards as well as through CAN, analog and digital inputs without external interface modules;
  • spark resistant construction (SRC);
  • the calibration data can be entered without the programming devices or a computer, since all the parameters are logged in manually by using keyboard or USB flash drive;
  • several stand-alone systems to evaluate the vehicle movement data: speed sensor, GLONASS\ GPS navigation system, motion 3D-sensor (accelerometer);
  • integration with telematics terminals.

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