Fuel Level Sensor Technoton DUT-E

Vendor of fuel level sensor Technoton DUT-E is Technoton.

Fuel level sensor DUT-E is designed for precision fuel level measurement in all kinds of vehicles tanks, also in tanks of fixed installations.DUТ-E is used as a standard fuel level sensor or as an additional sensor to be used with AVL, FMS, tank monitoring systems or vehicle tracking systems.

Fuel level sensor Technoton DUT-E Features:

  • Electrical noninteraction with the tank body;
  • Allows cutting "at place" up to 30% of its initial length without recalibration;
  • Protection of fuel level sensor output from short circuit;
  • Protection from overvoltage (up to 100 V);
  • Sensors are delivered calibrated, i.e. devices are interchangeable and there is no necessity to make tank calibration when you replace DUT-E sensor;
  • Stable and exact output signal;
  • Bayonet lock and small overall dimensions of the outside sensor part;
  • Possibility of sealing.

Fuel level sensor Technoton DUT-E Specifications:

Fuel Level Sensor Technoton DUT-E
  • Operating principle, Capacitive
  • Measurement inaccuracy, ±1%
  • Supply voltage, 10...50 V, protection up to 100 V
  • Operating temperature, -40 ..+85 оC
  • Current consumption, < 10 mA
  • Output signal:
    1. DUT-E A5: analog, output voltage range 1.5 - 4.5 V;
    2. DUT-E A10: analog, output voltage range 2.5 - 9 V;
    3. DUT-E 485: digital, protocol DUT-E COM;
    4. DUT-E 232: digital, protocol DUT-E COM;
    5. DUT-E F: frequency output 500-1500 Hz.
  • Length, mm, 2000, 1400*, 1000*, 700*, 500, 350, 250, 180 (* - only specified lengths for DUT-E 232/485)